Tarot Blog Hop Anniversary – Musical Cards


Happy anniversary, Hoppers! This is the 50th edition of the Tarot Blog Hop and to celebrate, our wrangler Jay Cassels has come up with a super glam idea:


and because these are two of my favourite things, I said to myself:

Crikey, I almost missed the deadline!!!!!!

In such a short time, what could I do? Well, I decided to keep it simple. My favourite musical? Elisabeth, without a doubt, although the “Tanz der Vampire” (Dance of the Vampires) makes a close second place. My favourite tarot card? Death, of course, what else? Pair them together and what a coincidence! Death is a central character in Elisabeth!

See him dancing with Sissi, with German lyrics but English subtitles:

That’s all well and good but now watch it in Hungarian!! The guy singing Death was so popular he was even invited to sing in Japan! 😀

And this is my favourite song from the whole musical. Its title would translate to something like ‘The shadows grew long today”… Death tries to entice Sissi’s son… and of course he wins. 😉

Comment your favourite Death themed songs! Now hop on, I need to do some singing on the top of my voice! Happy hopping!


11 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop Anniversary – Musical Cards

  1. Ooh, I like this from the final act of Don Giovanni. It’s an immensely satisfying way to work out any anger resulting from having to deal with arseholes – you can imagine it’s them being being dragged down to the pits of hell 😀

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  2. Well, this might be a reach, but how about anything by the Grateful Dead? I’m thinking of Terrapin Station:

    I can’t figure out
    if it’s the end or beginning
    But the train’s put it’s brakes on
    And the whistle is screaming

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  3. My favorite death song is one I would like to see sung at my own funeral…”And When I Die” by Blood, Sweat, and Tears. It is my own belief that death is half of birth and vice-versa, and things change and progress and move forward, backward, inside-out and upside-down….but nothing ever ends. Life is forever. So–when I die….think through the rest–it applies to you, too.


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