2019 Mabon blog hop – What is your harvest?


Mabon, harvest, bringing in the fruits of your labour. So apt for me right now on so many levels. The one that is tarot related is my newest deck, that’s also matching the theme of this hop: The Herbcrafter’s Tarot! 

Its theme is of course herbs and in a way, kitchen-witchery. I love the pictures and the associations to herbs and spices are very clear. It’s really well thought out and congratulations to the authors, they have created a thing of beauty. 

Now on to the hop. Our wrangler Maureen has provided us a spread to try out, and precisely that is what I did. I stayed on topic. Bravo!!

Here be the spread.

1. What do I need to know about the condition of my 1. Mind, 2. Body, 3. Spirit – that I am not aware of?

2. What is the most import thing to focus on in the realm of 1. Mind, 2. Body, 3. Spirit as I move into the winter months?

3. What will be the harvest of it?

Aaaaand the Herbcrafter’s gave me this. No Minors, 3 Majors and 6 Court cards in a 9 cards spread. Can I hide under a rock please?

Herbcrafter’s Tarot, mabon blog hop

Mmmkay. Let’s make sense of this. I did the reading in rows. First row is mind, second is body, third is spirit. So it goes:

Mind 1 2 3

Body 1 2 3

Spirit 1 2 3.

Let’s start with my Mind. A deep, dark place.

Herbcrafter’s Tarot, mabon blog hop

1. What do I need to know about the condition of my mind that I am not aware of? – Awakening (Judgement)

Oh that’s sweet! I am in the process of realising what a situation I am in really is. I hate it but it is necessary if I want to improve it. Tulsi is a sacred herb in Hinduism, and it is great for throat problems. Throat problems = problems in communication. Got it, on it.

The book that comes with the deck relates tulsi with rituals, emphasising how important it is to bring a little magic to your everydays. It also suggests I remove things from my life that hinder me in my calling. Got it, on it.

2. What is the most important thing to focus on in the realm of my Mind as I move into the winter months? – Curadera of Air (King of Swords)

Staying focused and realistic, logical and objective. Right… I will do my best. I’m usually not a drama queen but if my mood is low for whatever reason, I will dive deep into it before being able to snap out of it. And I mean DEEP. Sigh. Will slap my face when I catch myself doing it next time. Or commit harakiri, King of Swords style.

The book says Rosemary is great for clearing the mind and enhances memory. I will plant a couple or three in the garden, I really need all the help I can get. Kati. Focus!

3. What will be the harvest of it? – Madre of Fire (Queen of Wands)

Me being more self confident, creative and loud about my needs. It would be highest time, haha!

I love thyme. I have it in my garden and I adore the smell. I should use it more.

The book again talks about the importance of rituals and self care. I see a theme starting to form here…

Herbcrafter’s Tarot, mabon blog hop

1. What do I need to know about the condition of my Body that I am not aware of? – Curadera of Water (King of Cups)

The card suggests my body is in a good place now. It has taken life’s ups and downs well and accepted the downs I’ve been through recently. That is good to hear. Maybe I should let go of my expectations of my body to be perfect, do my best to keep it healthy and shouldn’t listen to the little voice calling me fat. I’m not fat, my bones are heavy, mmkay?

Seaweed is great for relaxing baths and is a tasty snack too. Long, hot baths – self care and rituals suggested again. Who am I to oppose the cards?

2. What is the most important thing to focus on in the realm of my body? – Madre of Earth (Queen of Pentacles)

Yes yes I get it, thank you. Rituals, self love.

It all is connected, isn’t it? Me turning my mind into the loud Queen of Wands will help me with taking care of myself, right? Thanks cards, I am on it.

Creosote bushes grow on soil that is too dry for others. It inspires us to be strong in the face of hardships and not to let go of the magic within. Man, do I feel like a creosote bush right now!

Taken that this is what I should focus on regarding my body I would say a diet might be beneficial… sigh. Ok-ok… I know.

3. What will be my harvest? – The World

Oooh! Me feeling whole? Me feeling I have it all? That would be nice, yes please!

Panchamama is the sovereign mother deity of the Inca mythology, and on the picture you see the herbs of the four Aces arranged in a beautiful altar. Rituals, gods and magic again. I would very much love magic to return into my life.

Herbcrafter’s Tarot, mabon blog hop

1. What do I need to know about the condition of my spirit that I am not aware of? – Curadera of Fire (King of Wands)

My spirit is on fire, yes. Very much rebelling against me suppressing my spiritual needs in favour of family. Not anymore, I have had enough.

Also, I feel very creative and renewed spiritually, after a long, dark night of the soul. Man was it long and dark. But it seems to be ending (hopefully?) and I am hoping for brighter days, even if we are moving into winter. The benefits and the need for rituals have been lightly hinted at (lol) in previous cards as well as this one. Talk about driving the message home.

Damiana is an aphrodisiac. Well. Aren’t the cards always spot on. This is meant spiritually, mind you. 😀

2. What is the most important thing to focus on in the realm of my spirit? – Madre of Water (Queen of Cups)

INTUITION! (No comments needed) And how surprising, self care, again. Yes, I get it, thank you. On it.

Oats are great for calming the mind. The book suggests oat-teas… I’m not sure where I could get that but I think we can exchange it to some nice herbal tea. Maybe nettle from the local park, or camomile… yumm!

3. What will be the harvest of it? – Death

Now this is interesting. Death is my favourite card in any deck. I first look at this card and if I hate it, I don’t buy the deck. Death is important to me on many levels and having it as an outcome makes me really happy. I love Death.

It talks about the renewal of my faith, my spirituality, my magic and my ‘clairs’ that were blocked for some time now. It says to me I will get back my connection to God (I relate the god I am worshipping with Death although he isn’t a god of Death per se).

It also hints at my most prized tarot possession, the Marigold Tarot. I use it for deeply spiritual questions, and only for myself. So in a way, a spiritual renewal could mean me using My Precious more. Which I would love to do! Yay!

The marigold flower’s smell is said to lead home the dead so we can celebrate them and their memories. Diwali, All Hallow’s Eve, the Day of the Dead, Halloween… they are all around the corner. I shall think of a ritual to give closure to things and people who have passed, and to celebrate them and their memories. Great idea for a RITUAL, thank you Herbie! (I gave this name to the Herbcrafter’s)

Huh. That wasn’t so bad. I’m really happy that I got so many Kings and Queens, it means to me that I am where I want/need to be, just a little shift is needed to make it even better. And that is what I am working on. Lots of advice for selfcare, and reminders that meaningful rituals are important to keep magic in one’s life. Thank you, Herbie!

Now hop on, and don’t forget to take care of yourself and your ‘harvest’! Happy Mabon!

Ps did you know you can eat pumpkin flowers? You make a batter of your choice and shallow fry them in oil, they are yummy! If you’re interested in the batter I use leave a comment below and I’ll share it. Would love to hear your recipes, too!


Tarot Continuing Education – MidSpring Tarot Blog Hop 2019


This hop’s theme was proposed by Joy Vernon, asking us how we further our tarot knowledge.

Oh dear. What should I write? Of course it is important to further our knowledge of tarot but it is very difficult to define exactly how one should do it. Some people prefer books, some prefer practical teaching… so what could I write about that is useful for everyone? Let’s start with something everyone has access to, thanks to online shops.


I love reading books and time to time I find really good ones that defer from the cliche of listing card-by-card meanings with a few in-use examples. What I appreciate in a tarot book is innovation; it doesn’t have to revolutionise tarot reading, but it should provide enough food for thought, or quirky little interpretations or spreads I never thought of. A few titles I’d like to mention…

1. Academic books

  • Caitlín Matthews – Untold Tarot
  • Benebell Wen – Holistic Tarot
  • Joav Ben Dov – The Open Reading
  • Rachel Pollack – 78 Degrees of Wisdom

2. Quirky books

  • Camelia Elias – Towards the Art of Reading
  • Sasha Graham – 365 Tarot Spreads
  • Jamima Renee – Tarot Spells

3. Fun books

  • Italo Calvano – Castle of Crossed Destinies
  • Theresa Reed – Tarot Coloring Book


I think forums are a great source of knowledge. There’s always someone who sees things differently than me, and their new approach can teach me more about the cards than just practicing my readings with my same-old.

TABI‘s members only forum for example is a great place to start. At a very reasonable price, it has a vast amount of threads with years and years of discussions about tarot, and a very friendly and helpfuld atmosphere. There’s monthly practice questions going back for years that you can give a go and get feedback to; there’s the Free Readers’ section (TABI offers free tarot readings to the public) where you can read real life readings – of course the querent’s name and any data that could identify them are taken out. This subforum is one of the most valuable as you don’t only have a chance to learn about card meanings and interpretations, but also about how to handle difficult readings, how to deliver an empowering and meaningful reading, and in general about how to be an authentic tarot reader. Even if you are an established reader yourself, there’s always something you can learn from others.


TABI also offers an online course that lasts about six months and gives people a good foundation to read the cards. I absolutely recommend it.

Other than that, the World Divination Association (check them out on Facebook!) offers lots of courses on divination methods from playing cards to bone reading. I am planning to attend some of those in future!


Whether you are artistic or not, doing tarot art or creative exercises teaches you a lot. You could create your own deck, or just roughly put together a concept for the Major Arcana with your favourite biscuits paired up with the cards. You could watch your favourite show on TV and think about how the characters’ personalities reflect the cards, or just attend a family pick-nick and think how your grandma is such a Queen of Swords! Whatever you do, making new associations to the cards helps you further your knowledge and understanding of the tarot.

For me, painting cards for the 1917 Tarot project was a huge step along my tarot journey. Thinking through the theme, deciding on the composition and actually painting images for the cards I have chosen was a real adventure, and I can’t recommend doing something similar enough. You could choose a card you don’t fully understand and try to paint it. I bet you’ll have it cracked by the time the paint dries on your canvas!

Well, this is it from me. I can’t wait to hear what others do to continue their education! Let’s hop on to the next blog, shall we?


Springing into action – Spring Equinox Tarot Blog Hop 2019


This time Jay and Sharon, our Wranglers have provided us with two topics. 1: to tell which card represents us the most; 2: to create a recipe using the tarot.

Now, I have already did the second one in another blog hop, so the other option provided more appeal. But then, I don’t want to bore you, dear reader, to XIII with my  praising myself and explaining why I must be the HP. Or the Empress. Or Strength. Or whatever. I would obviously choose a “good” card and you’d have to listen to me being not very humble. Na-ah, not gonna happen.

Still, to stay within the given topic of the hop, I needed to talk about myself in tarot terms, and so I have put a little twist on it: pick a card you wouldn’t want as a significator and look for a meaning you’d be comfortable with, should that card come up in a reading as you.

Dang that’s hard.

Now, I do love the darker side of the tarot – my favourite card is actually Death. I’m not afraid of a Tower month or a Hanged Man year, oh no (by the way these are the cards I got for March and for 2019 respectively). I readily admit my faults and wouldn’t be surprised if the 7 of Swords popped up to describe me. My problem cards are the fluffy ones that are too good to be true, and the card that makes me groan is the Ten of Cups.

Why, I hear you ask?

People expecting the Happily Ever After of fairy tales and breaking up with their pretty decent partners because they had a fight. Groan.

People acting like nothing’s wrong and they have a perfect family life when both partners are unhappy and/or are cheating on each other – more or less secretly. Groan.

People staying together because of the kids only, inevitably teaching the little ones that there is no such thing as a happy marriage. Groan.

Such nonsense makes me doubt whether the 10 of Cups really has a happy meaning or is it in fact one of the darkest cards of the deck. I dread it popping up in my life. It is overflowing, over the top, excessive, and has nowhere to grow further. (Like my list of synonyms for “too much”.)

Maybe it’s just my Marseille-background-brain. Maybe I have just heard too many of such stories connected to this card. Maybe I just never saw the picture perfect family of the lore. Whatever it is, I need to think hard if I want to be ready to embrace the Ten of Cups. Again, groan.

Like your normal tarot reader who also has some creativity in them, I went on to create a few versions of the 10 of Cups to connect to its concept better. Hold on to your socks, enlightenment is on the way!

“Married… with Children” was one of the few sitcoms that have been aired in Hungary on channels even I had access to (my mom was against cable tv, preferring us to get out of the house and play in the garden). I loved “Married… with Children”. It was hilarious. It was real. And even though Al and Peggy picked on each other and bickered all the time, at the end of the day, they did love each other and their kids. And that love kept them together and made their family more functional than some of the relationships I see in normal life. This is called unconditional love: loving your husband with his stinking feet and his constant complaining; loving your wife with her constant taunting and her cigarettes. I feel a facebook motivational quote coming up!

Huh, not bad! This hop prompt has led to a very enlightening moment regarding some situations in my life. Maybe the Ten of Cups isn’t such a bad card after all. I can relate to this kind of interpretation: “happily tolerating each other ever after”. Thank you, Jay and Sharron!

I’m off to look for some more good background images for my “beautiful” quote, so hop on! Happy Lent and Easter and Equinox and Almost-Weekend, and whatever you celebrate! And don’t forget to look up if you have a clear sky tonight for the super-worm-moon! (Disappointing name, awesome sight! Just like Marcy’s second husband. Right, Mrs Marcy D’arcy?)


Yule 2018 Tarot Blog Hop – Finding my Cozy

You think of a wonderful thought!
Any happy little thought?
Like toys at Christmas? Sleigh bells? Snow?
Yep! Watch me now, here I go! It’s easier than pie!


I haven’t seen Peter Pan until I was about 28, when one day I stumbled across it on TV and watched it with the kids. It is a very different experience to watch a kids movie as an adult for the first time. There are no memories attached to the movie, and you see the whole thing with the disapproving eyes of a parent. Still, maybe because I have read the book before seeing the animation, I did like it. Especially the songs. And when Joanne Sprott, our wrangler has shared the topic of this hop, the song immediately started to play in my head, on a loop: think of Christmas, think of snow, think of sleigh bells, off you go…

What I like about this song is its message. If you think of a happy thought, you can fly! Well, not physically due to the lack of pixie dust we have here in Midgard but still, positive thinking can take you places. I hear you ask: what could be more positive than a festival spent with people you love? That’s right! Watching Disney movies with said people!

Yes. My cozy is Disney movies being watched with the kids on either side of me, hot chocolate in hand, feet tucked in under a warm blanket. (Don’t judge me lol.)

I wonder when Disney/Pixar will see the enormous black hole in the market. I mean, even Sailor Moon and Hello Kitty have theirs. It’s well past time Disney got its act together and published a tarot deck, am I right?!

To make it easier for you, dear Guys at Disney, I have made a list of the Majors for you. You just have to give me The Nod and it is published, like, yesterday!

Not-entirely-jokes apart, this deck would be my ultimate cozy comfort tarot to go to. Full of strong characters, archetypes, and brilliant stories, Disney’s animation movies are a perfect match for the cards, and the characters would trigger happy little thoughts in my mind and intuition that could make the reading fly! So yes, here I present my list of the 22 Majors associated with Disney characters.

0 the fool ariel0 The Fool – The Little Mermaid

1 The Magician – Genie (Aladdin)

2 The High Priestess – Elsa (Frozen)

3 The Empress – Duchess (Aristocats)

4 The Emperor – Grownup Simba (The Lion King)

05 hierophant granny willow5 The Hierophant – Grandmother Willow (Pocahontas)

6 The Lovers – Cinderella and Prince Charming

7 The Chariot – Lightning Mcqueen (Cars)

8 Strength – Mulan

9 The Hermit – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

10 The Wheel of Fortune – The three fates from Herkules

01 the magician genie11 Justice – Robin Hood

12 The Hanged Man – Kenai (Brother Bear)

13 Death – The Apple (Snow White)

14 Temperance – The Girl (The Jungle Book)

15 The Devil – Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)

16 The Tower – Rapunzel escaping from her Tower (Tangled)

03 empress duchess17 The Star – Geppetto (Pinocchio)

18 The Moon – Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

19 The Sun – Lilo and Stitch

20 Judgement – The Beast transforms back to human (Beauty and the Beast)

21 The World – Moana


There. The fact that it only took about ten minutes to compile this list is alarming. Am I such a big nerd? Jeez!



(Not that I’m not going to print these cards anyway but you know… a professional, officially published deck would be awesome!)

Well, as you can see I have found my imaginary cozy deck! Until such happy days when it is actually published, my present and forever go to deck is the Egyptian Tarot by Comte Sain Germain published by US Games Inc. I wanted to talk about this deck but I got side tracked and well… you know the rest.

Hop on now, and Happy Holidays, everyone!



2018 Samhain Blog Hop – Saying thanks to Spirit


Spirits have always been part of my life. I would probably feel very lonely without my clairesentience ability… and thinking about this makes me realise that sometimes I am an absolute twat with *them*. An ungrateful opportunistic selfish little human being who even forgets to do her prayers in the morning. (Well it’s mostly due to my toddler needing something and me getting side tracked but still.) What’s due is due and the question prompts kindly provided by our wrangler Aisling come very timely indeed. 

To take a look at my relationship with one spirit who is very dear to me, I have used the Darkwater Tarot by James Douglas. This is my new go-to deck when it comes to communication with the other side. Its black and white images lend themselves well to this task; they remind me of what is beyond the veil, and after testing them in a number of readings for different topics they became my 78 piece Ouija board. 

So let us see the spread I have created for this wonderful occasion! (I am not good at staying with what has been provided, sorry)

James Douglas Darkwater Tarot1. (The selfish little human): what does my spirit guide (slash secret crush) think about me?
2: What do I think of my spirit guide (slash secret crush)?
3: What is the thing I’m doing he is happy with?
4: What is the thing I’m doing he is fed up with?
5:  What is the thing he’s doing that I am happy with?
6: Why?
7: What is the thing he’s doing I am fed up with?
8: Why?
9: What is the main thing he wants to teach me right now?
10: How can I ever thank him for being such an awesome dude?
Well, looking at the cards, I am surprised there are not many Majors… Not quite what I expected – or rather – not what I wanted to see.
1. (The selfish little human): what does my spirit guide (slash secret crush) think about me? – Three of Pentacles
Am I so hard to work with? Really? Surely not! What do you mean I’m whining all the time?!
2: What do I think of my spirit guide (slash secret crush)? The Star reversed/ Empty Sky
I think He isn’t fulfilling my wishes, and I do know it is a good thing, ok? I might moan about stuff time to time but who doesn’t? (Now he rolls his eyes at me and tells me a name who doesn’t. Le sigh.) The sky would indeed be empty without him. There was a period when I had to be without him, and it was hard. I am super happy he is back.
3: What is the thing I’m doing he is happy with? – King of Cups reversed
I am controlling my emotions much better than I used to. And working on leaving behind what doesn’t serve my emotional wellbeing. Yay.
4: What is the thing I’m doing he is fed up with? – Two of Wands reversed
I am not acting on my ideas. I am fed up with it too. Sorry dude… 😦 I’m working on it!
5:  What is the thing he’s doing that I am happy with? – 10 of Cups reversed
He isn’t going light on me anymore. There was a time when he was super kind and just kept me floating, giving me strength to survive. Now I can take on more, so he does dump it on me and I love him for it.
6: Why? – Page of Wands
Because I am ready!! (Said it in Spongebob style.) I am proud of being stronger.
7: What is the thing he’s doing I am fed up with? – 4 of Cups
Amm… I have no idea what this means. At all. Nope. There’s nothing I am fed up with. Lol.
8: Why? – Lovers reversed/The Fall
Oh all right sometimes I do miss him being super nice. Jeez, this deck is insistent.
9: What is the main thing he wants to teach me right now? – The World reversed/ The Unexplained
Omg wow! Oh-kay…. no pressure then… I shall grab my notebook! ^_^
10: How can I ever thank him for being such an awesome dude? – 10 of Wands reversed
Stop whining and taking too much on. Enjoy life, spend time with family. Also, the ten wands look like ten skewers ready to grill some food for him. I wonder if he’s hinting at something, haha! (Yes. Yes he is.)
Well, this spread did turn out nicer than I expected it to be! If you give it a go, do let me know how it went! Or you could hop on to Jay or Arwen’s posts! Happy Halloween!


The Five of Flags for the 1917 Tarot



I am just so in love with this! The image has gone through a lot of changes , from a doodle-like MsPaint picture to the final image of the Five of Flags (Cups) of the 1917 Tarot!


The woman on the picture holds on to the idea of the Tsar and pre-revolution Russia, ignoring the progress the country has made under communist rule. Who is she? A former noble, grieving her lost status? Princess Anastasia, grieving her murdered family and hiding her identity? Could she be me (I do have a soft spot for the Romanovs)? I will leave the decision to you, dear reader.

Tarot Blog Hop Anniversary – Musical Cards


Happy anniversary, Hoppers! This is the 50th edition of the Tarot Blog Hop and to celebrate, our wrangler Jay Cassels has come up with a super glam idea:


and because these are two of my favourite things, I said to myself:

Crikey, I almost missed the deadline!!!!!!

In such a short time, what could I do? Well, I decided to keep it simple. My favourite musical? Elisabeth, without a doubt, although the “Tanz der Vampire” (Dance of the Vampires) makes a close second place. My favourite tarot card? Death, of course, what else? Pair them together and what a coincidence! Death is a central character in Elisabeth!

See him dancing with Sissi, with German lyrics but English subtitles:

That’s all well and good but now watch it in Hungarian!! The guy singing Death was so popular he was even invited to sing in Japan! 😀

And this is my favourite song from the whole musical. Its title would translate to something like ‘The shadows grew long today”… Death tries to entice Sissi’s son… and of course he wins. 😉

Comment your favourite Death themed songs! Now hop on, I need to do some singing on the top of my voice! Happy hopping!