Vote for my book at the CARTA Awards!

Every year, the International Tarot Foundation organises the CARTA Awards to choose the best of the best authors, artists and creators in the tarot community. This year, my book is among the nominees! Please vote for The Little Book of Tarot on the link below! If you know me, you know this year’s been a … Continue reading Vote for my book at the CARTA Awards!

Life Balance – 2021 Mabon Tarot Blog Hop

PREVIOUS HOP | MASTER LIST | NEXT HOP Yesterday Joy Vernon, our wrangler for this hop, threw in the idea of having a 24 hour deadline. With the topic of ‘life balance’. Now, if this doesn’t throw someone off balance, I don’t know what will! Of course, I do love a challenge, so I signed … Continue reading Life Balance – 2021 Mabon Tarot Blog Hop

Editing Journal Episode 1: TO KEEP OR NOT TO KEEP

katalin patnaik tarot card tens

While disposing of the first chapter was absolutely necessary, this paragraph could actually stay in the manuscript. It shows us Helga's character: she talks a lot when she's nervous, and she's really good at tarot and people reading. But the info she shares about these cards has zero relevance to the actual plot, and now I'm torn between leaving it in or taking it out. Mind you, these are actual card meanings that could be used by someone who's learning the tarot, and I want tarot to feature throughout the book. What do you guys think? #tarot #WritingCommunity #amediting #writerlife

Author Interview: Pandemic 19

Who is Pandemic 19? Well, we can say it’s a social experiment, but who is behind it, even I have no idea. In the interview they said: As part of my current WIP and the process, I am remaining anonymous in the background until the author reveal once I publish the last chapter of Pandemic-19 … Continue reading Author Interview: Pandemic 19

Author Interview: SG Kubrak

Mr Kubrak is an avid writer of fiction, with a soft spot for sci-fi. His collection of short stories titled The Five Hundred is available on Amazon, while he works on new books and stories for us to enjoy! Follow him on Twitter at @SGKubrak, and visit his website over here. Tell us about yourself! … Continue reading Author Interview: SG Kubrak

Author Interview: Simon Pearce

Simon Pearce is the writer of The Business Trilogy, of which Taking Care of Business and Back in Business are available to buy - an unconventional story of drug abuse and violence spiced with dark comedy. He’s also the founder of Space Monkey Creations Ltd, a publishing company for authors of stories that are not … Continue reading Author Interview: Simon Pearce

Author Interview: Anita Badhwar

Anita Badhwar writes children’s fiction about Indian Hindu culture and heritage. She is the author of the Princess Rani series that deals with topics like festivals, art, and wildlife of India. Follow her on Twitter @AnitaBadhwar and check out her website here. Let’s see what inspired her to write the series, and what her advice … Continue reading Author Interview: Anita Badhwar

Author Interview: Kimberly Us

Kimberly Us is the author of Aphrodite Rising, the story of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Fertility, and Betty Page, an American pinup model in the 50’s - an intriguing pair! Visit Kimberly’s website and follow her on Twitter @Kimberly__Us! My latest novel Bettie Page: Aphrodite Rising was just released on Oct. 15, 2020 on … Continue reading Author Interview: Kimberly Us