Tarot Blog Hop Anniversary – Musical Cards


Happy anniversary, Hoppers! This is the 50th edition of the Tarot Blog Hop and to celebrate, our wrangler Jay Cassels has come up with a super glam idea:


and because these are two of my favourite things, I said to myself:

Crikey, I almost missed the deadline!!!!!!

In such a short time, what could I do? Well, I decided to keep it simple. My favourite musical? Elisabeth, without a doubt, although the “Tanz der Vampire” (Dance of the Vampires) makes a close second place. My favourite tarot card? Death, of course, what else? Pair them together and what a coincidence! Death is a central character in Elisabeth!

See him dancing with Sissi, with German lyrics but English subtitles:

That’s all well and good but now watch it in Hungarian!! The guy singing Death was so popular he was even invited to sing in Japan! 😀

And this is my favourite song from the whole musical. Its title would translate to something like ‘The shadows grew long today”… Death tries to entice Sissi’s son… and of course he wins. 😉

Comment your favourite Death themed songs! Now hop on, I need to do some singing on the top of my voice! Happy hopping!



2017 Samhain Tarot Blog Hop – Ancestors

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Ah, the ancestor thing again. I am in a little bit of a pickle here, thanks to our wrangler Jay Cassels.

You see, my family never venerated our ancestors. After my maternal grandmother died, my mom used to go every 1 November to the cemetery and spend a few moments at her mother’s grave. But never visited anyone else’s – well, her brother’s after he died. I doubt she knows where her grandparents are buried and she had a rocky relationship with her father so there’s no chance of her going to his grave (I never even knew him, so you can imagine).

The only person in my family who loves going to graveyards is my other grandmother. She says she finds peace there. I find this both strange and beautiful. Although if you think about it, that’s where you are laid to eternal rest…

Back to the topic, in my family we don’t do this lineage thing and ancestors and whatnot. I have no idea what my great-grandfather’s name was. Also, I firmly believe in reincarnation, so I have trouble finding much importance in my current family tree when I have had so many others already. To cut it short, when I have seen the topic of this hop, I got nervous. I know that for my blog neighbour Benebell Wen her ancestors are really important (I adore her knowledge and connection to the craft, she is fantastic!) and that for many ‘pagans’ it is the same… so I feel as out of place as a lamb at the Annual Carnivore Conference.

I asked the cards how could I avoid totally losing face and having to withdraw half day before the hop. I got from the Goddess Inspiration Oracle, Mut; the mother of mothers. Very apt, thank you cards.

So then I asked my trusty old Egyptian Tarot (Mut is the *Egyptian* goddess of motherhood) what can I learn from my mother and my grandmothers. Here be the reading…

1. What can I learn from the matriarchs?

2. In what should I follow their example?

3. Where should I avoid following their example?

1. Ten of Pentacles, Judgement, Death

I can learn from them how to stay whole, and how to keep the family together. I can learn how to resurrect myself from my own ashes and continue on. How to cut away what is not healthy anymore and how to change with times.

2. Justice, King of Pentacles, Page of Cups

I should follow their example in giving myself justice, and judging others righteously. Giving everyone what they deserve. To be self dependent and unshakable. To show my feelings to those who deserve it, and protect myself and mine from outsiders.

3. Queen of Cups, Ten of Cups, Three of Wands

I should avoid being too emotional and emotionally dependent on others. I shouldn’t look for The Perfect Family because it is nonexistent. And I shouldn’t try to be ‘creative’ (dishonest) when dealing with mine. I need to be direct and honest, and tell when I don’t like something.

A lot to think about, Thank you Jay! Now hop on to Benebell on the right or to Joanne on the left, or if you like it random, click one link on the master list! Happy Halloween! Here’s my Thoth pumpkin I carved today. Because of the pumpkin’s curves it is not very visible but I am so proud of it, I had to show it off, hahaha!

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Journey into Crowley’s Death

Crowley's Death from Thoth TarotThis is one of Crowley’s strangest cards. Unlike in the RWS or Marseille decks, here the skeleton turns his back towards us, and he wears the crown of Osiris, the Egyptian god of Death and Afterlife. He is surrounded by the creatures associated with the Zodiac of Scorpio, and instead of reaping  body-parts he is popping the bubbles of peoples’ lives with his scythe. It almost looks fun. Almost…

But what is really interesting about him, is the way he is holding his scythe. This is not how a farmer would reap his crops. This is not how it is supposed to be held. I have tried to read up on it, but I couldn’t really find anything. Of course, thousands of articles have been written on the Thoth, so maybe I just haven’t clicked on the right ones. Be as it may, I wanted to find out about this. I have journeyed.


I close my eyes…

Take a deep breath…


I am sitting on a hilltop. The wind blows lightly, but I can feel it is much stronger near the gigantic black skeleton some distance away. I can hear a constant murmur, like I am under water in the ocean, listening to currents moving above. There is another, eerie sound; just at the border of hearing, something similar to the screeching a stopping train’s wheels make. It comes from the scythe as it separates those souls from their bodies. It sends shivers down my spine.
The Hanged Man and Death from Crowley's Thoth Tarot
I look to my left and get a jump. A pair of upside down… khmm… body-parts hang just next to me! I remind myself where I am. This is the previous card, the one every querent wants to turn around at first. I look down, searching for his face but I find the features of a bird; or perhaps a robot.


“He looks majestic, doesn’t he?” The Hanged Man asks.

“Yes. He does.”

“I can’t wait to reach him at last! It will be such a relief.”

“Why are you hanging like this? And what happened to your face?”

“I have given up my attachments, only the holy Ankh, container of all Life Force keeps me pinned here now. While hanging here I have realized the difference between this body and me. The real me that is my soul. I am free from ego and so I don’t have a face.”

“Will He turn around or do you have to go there?”

“Let’s get closer, shall we?”
He floats towards the skeleton and I follow him.
“Why is he holding his scythe in such a strange way?” I ask.

“He is not reaping, he is not taking. He is not violent. He is offering his scythe to those who are ready to pass below it. He is kneeling down and makes this ultimate offering of kindness and mercy.”

“The mercy of death?”

“The mercy of release. Of change. Of evolution and progress. Yes. The Mercy of Death.”


Suddenly he is not there anymore. I am standing in front of the skeleton. He is even taller than I first thought. He looks down at me and gently shakes his head, then shoos me away with his hand. I understand. He lets me watch, but it is not my time yet.

I turn around and see an ocean of souls. I feel scared. I am terrified of ghosts. They swarm around me and I want to scream, but suddenly I feel a hand on my shoulder. Then on the other side. My grandfather and grandmother are standing behind me. They are giving me courage to see all those souls for what they really are: people, just like me.

I see them part and let a group of spirits through. I recognize my wife from a previous life. I hug her tight and she hugs back, and I am so thankful she is here! Then I feel a tug on my suit (when did I change from my night dress?) and my children are there, waiting for their turn. I am so happy and relieved; I was a horrible father and husband, I thought they hated me. But they smile and I know they have forgiven, if they were ever angry at all. I call them by their names and realize I know everything I thought to have forgotten about them. The eldest is wise beyond her years; the boy is a sweetheart; the youngest is a cheeky little girl… They hug me once more and I know it is time for them to go. They slowly dissolve into the sea of souls and I stand there in my nightdress, grateful and uplifted.

“So this is your mercy?” I ask Death. “You offer it to those who are ready for it.”

He doesn’t speak but I hear his voice in my head.

“This was not for you. This was mercy for them. To see that man you used to be without the hatred that tainted his memory. They are now released. Your turn will come too.”
I wake up, back in my room, emotional and a little sad. I decide that This card is going to be my safe place.



Have you journeyed into or meditated on this card? I would love to hear about your experience!

Reading with my Darth Vader Spread

In my last post I have shared a spread based on Star Wars’ Darth Vader. The result I got from the cards when reading with it was a little more than surprising, so I have decided to dedicate a whole post to it. After all, it is not an everyday occurrence that you get 3 Majors, a Court and an Ace in a five cards spread! So, this is what I made of it:

The Darth Vader Spread

  1. What is my gift? – Death
  2. In what way may I misuse my gift? – Justice
  3. What may compel me to do so? – The Tower
  4. How can I resist this temptation of misusing my gift?  – Queen of Pentacles
  5. What is my trade mark that everyone knows me by? – Ace of Pentacles


If you squint in the right way, you can discover Darth Vader’s helm in the layout! 😀

1. What is my gift? – Death

For those who know me it is not a surprise that I have got Death as my gift. My fascination with Death and the Beyond has never been a secret. A short anecdote if you allow me: in secondary grammar school on arts class, we were analyzing famous paintings.  I have commented on one that I didn’t really like it, to what my teacher said: “Well why would you, there isn’t a single corpse on it!

So what is my gift?

There are numerous things coming to mind. It is the ability of seeing Death as a part of our mortal lives. The ability of letting go. The ability to help others accept and let go. The ability to change, to transform myself and maybe others as well (this is in the future after loads of training). I can see myself working as a bereavement counselor in future. I believe there are no evil persons on the planet and that with education and acceptance people can change – of course it depends on their will to change and their surroundings, I am not that naive. I see everyone as equal and am very dependable – like Death. These are the mundane things that are not really the major aspects of the card.

Apart from these, there are some more serious things. I can communicate with the Other Side, go there if I want to. I have a very close relationship with some of the entities that live Beyond (not angels, that’s not my stuff). I can remember things from past lives and am currently training to take people back to theirs.

2. In what way may I misuse my gift? – Justice

I may misuse it if I won’t do it justice. It is clearly something I have to utilize in this life, taking that it is a Major Arcana card. I have to figure out in what way I can use my gift, and do it. I do feel the calling, but right now I am not ready yet. Too much earthly business is going on. 🙂

3. What may compel me to do so? – The Tower

There could be a great break in my life when I lose the ability or the interest in these deathly things. My life line on my palm shows the same, and I feel I will have a Tower moment later in my life which will be very difficult to survive. I am not looking forward to it, to be honest, but will try and live through it with dignity.

The other thing that may stop me from using this gift is the fear of losing my personal life, if it makes sense. I am terrified of being judged by the ones I love. I fear they will see me as a lunatic, or tell me that Death and the dark side of one’s soul is not something a proper Indian wife should be making herself busy with – the color pink and the household would be more like it, seasoned with some soap watching in telly (strictly no Game of Thrones),  lol. But I am not a pink bubbly girl. I like dark colors and I need my calm, alone time.

4. How can I resist this temptation of misusing my gift?  – Queen of Pentacles

By being myself, hahaha! My significator is the sexy, magical, nurturing Queen of Pentacles. I have to present these things as completely natural, and show people that it is still me and haven’t changed just because I have returned to my “dark side”.

5. What is my trade mark that everyone knows me by? – Ace of Pentacles


Pentacles stand for nature, health, and magic. I am all of these: I love nature, and am trying my best at keeping it clean for generations after us. I love natural health remedies and am generally in a good health. And magic… I am the witch of the family, hahaha! 😀