Journey into the Vikings Tarot’s Queen of Wands

 This is my first attempt to journey into a card, and I didn’t expect it to happen this way…

I chose the Queen of Wands because  of all the court cards she is the most distant stage of consciousness from where I am right now. She is the one I am not. And I need her energy to make myself evolve. 
I always say how I dislike the RWS images, so although it would have been an obvious choice for the first journey I had to look for another deck’s queen. The one I like the most is Sinmara (sin-pale, mara-nightmare) wife of Surtr, the king of the fire giants in Norse mythology. 

She is beautiful,  isn’t she? Without further ado, let’s step into that card!
 I am in front of her. She is looking expectantly at me.

-Hello, Sinmara!

– Who are you? – she asks. I get confused. She should know who I am.

– I am the owner of the deck you are sitting in…

– I didn’t mean that. Loki* told you will come to talk to me and I should help you find yourself. So… Who are you really? 

– I am a Queen of Pentacles with a lot of Cups’ treats if that helps.

– Then why come here? Why not to the other queens?

– Because I am scared of you. I am a scared little girl who is still afraid of so many things from the past.

– If that helps, think of me when you are scared next time. My husband is Surtr. It is terrifying to fight with him, still I have to do it time to time. – she laughs because she knows my husband is a King of Wands, just like hers. And that I hate to fight with him, just like she hates fighting with Surtr.

– Thank you, I guess… What is in your chest? I heard it’s a weapon.

– It is the mistletoe that killed Baldur.

– You have kept it with you? Why?

– To remind you dummy that even the smallest, most scaredy little girls can be utmost powerful in their own purpose, just like this innocent looking little twig has been. You are underestimating yourself so much you became weak. Don’t let others pull you down, girl! You have put some things down on the table and you should be proud of yourself! 

-Thank you… I’ll come back. – I say, and I have to return to my little boy who is hungry again.

  After almost a day I have stepped back in. She looks a bit annoyed.

– You sure took your time!

-Sorry, I was busy. I hope you didn’t get bored?

– No, I was playing with Surtr’s cock. (I can’t believe I am actually writing this down)

– Aha…- I say, hoping she means the rooster sitting on the tree next to her. 

– Since when are you so bashful? You used to make exellent jokes, but now you are so boring!

– Sorry, I… – and this is where I understood why I had to come to her. I did make quite ok jokes. I used to be funny and full of self confidence and laugh. But then things changed.

-Now I know why I had to come. Thank you for reminding me of my Queen of Wands self. I forgot about how to be like you.

– Just doing my job. Anything else?

– Why do I dislike the RWS QoW?

– ‘Cause she’s a bi**h.

– She would say the same of you.

– I guess. – and she laughs again. She is full of life, of magnetism. She is the woman I used to be and I want to get her back to attach her to my QoP existence. I say thank you and bid farewell then I step out of the card.
As I said before, I didn’t expect it to go this way, but it was an enlightening experience! I think I am going to like this journeying thing!

Your comments and feedback are very welcome as always.



* I chat to him often, so I’m not surprised. He is the Fool of this deck btw.

Happy Diwali, Rememberance and Veterans Day!

IMG_1804As I listen to the sounds of fireworks and crackers exploding outside, I smile to myself how appropriate it is that this year Diwali and Remembrance Day are on the same date. Diwali is the festival of light, victory of good over evil, and also the time you invite your ancestors to come and spend some time with you. You burn candles to show them the way home, make food for them and offer new clothes (although you don’t dig them up and make them wear it, unlike people in Indonesia do…).
FullSizeRenderThen you go and burn a small fortune of crackers and various exploding things. The sound that comes from these reminds me of gunfire. Not that I was near any war in this life, but this is exactly how I imagine it would sound like… I feel for the soldiers coming home from the front, possibly battling post-traumatic disorder just to hear all these booming again.

This is how my brain made the connection between the two celebrations. Remembering the dead and making things go boom. It is so horrible to think that some people have to listen to such sounds and fear for their lives while we sit here and enjoy the pretty flowers in the sky. I don’t understand how is it not possible to live in peace with each other! Ok I do get it in the materialistic sense but I really can’t understand how some people can be so lost that they need to war with others for whatever reason.
Anyway, let’s get back to what I was about to write. I have got the Sacred India Tarot for some time now but I still haven’t used it. I feel this is the time to start doing so, and therefore, for honoring Diwali and Veterans and Remembrance Day, I have created a spread to help us defeat our inner evil and thus stop the fighting. It is in the shape of an Indian oil lamp (diya).

FullSizeRender(1)Card one: Raavan – what is my ‘evil’ aspect that needs defeating? – 8 of Wands

Card two: Ram – what is the quality I have that will help defeating Raavan? – 2 of Wands

Card three: Hanuman – who or what can help me in my quest? – 5 of Pentacles

Card four: Sita – what sacrifices do I have to make in order to succeed? – Temperance

Card five: the lamps – what can I achieve by defeating my Raavan? – Justice

Oh-kaaaaay… that’s a lot to contemplate, I can’t say I completely understand what the cards mean at the first glance. Let’s see it card-by-card.

FullSizeRender(2)Raavan: 8 of Wands. I think this means I jump to decisions too quickly, without even trying to see the other side of the matter. It is quite typical for me to instantly like or dislike a person without even knowing them. Most of the times I am right about it, but I have been wrong too. One of my best friends could have been a complete stranger if I wouldn’t had to give her a chance because of a school project. Another thing this card reminds me about is how quickly I jump into something, with a lot of enthusiasm and then I don’t see it through. It’s a very annoying personality treat and I really want to get rid of it. I think this could be my Raavan.

FullSizeRender(4)Ram: 2 of Wands. Crossing the ocean between India and Sri Lanka was a feat of wonder (in Ramayan Lord Ram had to cross the ocean but he didn’t have ships, so he has built a bridge with stones that floated on water when they had his name written on them). This card tells me I can defeat my Raavan by inventing new ways of doing and looking at things. I have enough willpower, I just have to be reminded of my goals and that it gives great satisfaction to complete the things I start. Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge by a good friend. I also need to look for bridges between myself and others in terms of communication and making impressions.

FullSizeRender(3)Hanuman: 5 of Pentacles. This was the hardest card to interpret. Maybe you will see it’s meaning straight away but honestly I didn’t. How could starving help anyone? Then after much humming and head scratching I came up with this: in order to truly appreciate my achievements I need to stop depending on others, and do things on my own. That would also mean to go back to work (I’m staying at home with my newborn so that’s not an option for some time yet) and earn the money I want to spend. If I want something done I should not wait until my husband finally has time to do it, I need to get into action and get on with it. By this I mean things like shopping or registering baby with the GP – these things would be easier for him to do because he drives, but if I wait for him it will never happen…

FullSizeRender(6)Sita: Temperance. I need to stop adjusting to everyone and start to speak my mind. I hate confrontation and any tension makes me want to sit in a corner and cry. But this doesn’t help anyone, certainly not me, so I need to dump this idea of “it’s ok, let’s wait a little more” and wreck havoc if I don’t have my way. Also I need to defend my point. Most of the time I lose an argument because in the heat of the fight I just can’t articulate my point of view. The words get confused in my head and it suddenly goes blank. Ah, it’s so irritating and humiliating when I know I am right but I can’t explain why…

FullSizeRender(5)Lamps: Justice. If I can defeat my Raavan I can get what I deserve, and give others justice as well. I will be able to give reasons for whatever I do and articulate it well, I will be able to justify myself. That would mean I would gain a heck of a lot of self confidence, which indeed is much needed here. I also could tell right from wrong; I mentioned my prejudice for some people – that would be overpowered by the thought of giving everyone equal chances. Who knows what I miss by going with my first impression?

Review: Chloe McCracken – Tarot Magic Webinar

Magician from the Radiant Rider Waite Tarot
Magician from the Radiant Rider Waite Tarot

The moment I have seen the advertisement of the webinar I knew I had to attend. This was a few months back, and unfortunately I couldn’t afford it that time. But when Chloe has given a new date, I told all right, now or never! I hit the subscribe button, and it was done!

Now, for all who are new to magic: it’s not what you see in movies. No flashing lights, no explosions, no vanishing stuff. Magic, as I see it is a kind of placebo for you to boost your willpower. Does it work? Hell yes it does! And Chloe is here to show you how.

The first thing that was different from your normal webinar was that Chloe invited us to be presenters. That means not only could we see and hear her speaking, but we could interact with each other too. This made the whole process of setting our goals and creating our own spells much easier and much more fun.

The Magician from the Lost Tarot of Nostradamus
The Magician from the Lost Tarot of Nostradamus

The webinar had two parts: a mostly theoretical and a practical one. In the first part you will learn about the elements you use in creating your magic spell and you will have a brain storming and create a spell with Chloe’s help. It was a great experience, and we had some lol moments when tarot was being it’s usual self. It didn’t feel awkward at all to share our intentions with each other, as I imagined it would. Chloe has created a very friendly, welcoming environment where we felt free to speak and laugh – to a shy person like me this means a lot.

The second part was about how we can use tarot in magic. Eight ways of it to be precise. Although I had nappy duty and what not during the webinar, I feel I have gained a big amount of knowledge that led to multiple ideas of how I can make my life better with the help of the cards and magic. I have already started one spell, and plan to proceed with the rest once I get some free time when I don’t faint into sleep. Oh here’s another one: create a spell for not feeling sleepy after many sleepless nights with newborn son. This shall be fun, I can see the Ten of Swords (me right now) turning into let’s say the Sun (desired outcome) with the help of the Ace of Wands’ energy. Nice.

My spell for not feeling sleepy after many sleepless nights with my newborn.

For folks like me who have difficulties with listening for even the short time of one hour, Chloe has generously sent us the slides of the webinar AND has given us coupons for downloading two of her books on tarot magic and a meditation for absolutely free. Now who doesn’t like freebies? The books are excellent reminders of what we have learned, and although I am yet to listen to the meditation – my laptop doesn’t play it for some reason – I am sure that is also as high quality as everything Chloe does and makes.

I am determined to use tarot magic in my everydays, and after this webinar I feel confident to do so. I can only recommend Chloe’s course for everyone who wants to steal a little magic in their lives, be it for weight loss, more confidence or focus, or even not crying while cutting your onions. The possibilities are endless, only your creativity can limit them… and you can always make a spell for becoming more creative!

Another of my spells, using three QoWs from three different decks, to awake her energies in myself - and make friends with her.
Another of my spells, using three QoWs from three different decks, to awaken her energies in myself – and make friends with her.

Blessed be!

MidFall/Samhain 2015 Tarot Blog Hop: Commune, Communicate, Commemorate


Our wrangler, Arwen Lynch-Poe asked us to write about communing, communicating and commemorating our loved ones who have gone on before us. It is a topic close to my heart, and I can’t wait to read the other blogs!


This is such a strange time of the year. Harvest, thanksgiving, colorful leaves, pumpkins, making wine, drinking wine, children getting tired of school… And there’s the thinning of The Veil. Everyone knows how all the world’s cultures have festivals for ancestors around this time.

Papa-nyakabanFor me it is a little more personal. My grandfather died in October. He is not in any history book, but for me he is a hero. He loved us so much  with my sisters I can’t even begin to describe it. (It’s him on the picture with me on his shoulders, a good 20 years back.) When I was small I have always said I want to marry him. 🙂 My granny would say something like “what will happen to me then?” and I’d reassure her that she can stay with us because she bakes the best cakes and cookies in the whole world. How nice of me. Now she always says that she is just waiting when she can join him again.

imageHe was a hero not only for me tho. When he was in the army (those times it was compulsory) he once saved his commander’s life. The commander had a radio which got fused, and he got “stuck” to it by the electric shock. My grandfather arrived in time; he has hit the commander with a broom, freeing him from the radio and saving his life. Later on the commander saved him from being ‘disciplined’ for teasing girls on duty, lol. Those were the times…

imageHe loved my granny’s scones. (She makes the best scones btw so if you want to try them I will post the recipe at the end) Sometimes we would get naughty and eat them secretly in the larder. Of course when we couldn’t eat lunch we were found out, but by that time it was too late.

imageI could tell so many stories about him it would take pages and pages… But I only want to say one more thing: I’m relieved that he died. He was ill for a very long time, and it was horrible to watch how this once strong and loving man slowly became the empty shell of himself. Thank you, Death for freeing him.

I have made a spread for his memory but it can be used for anyone who left this dimension. I call it the ‘scone spread‘ and it goes like this:

image1 Flour: what is this person’s legacy?

2 Milk and yeast: How does this person want to be remembered?

3 Eggs: What can I learn from this person?

4 Butter: What message would this person send?

+ 5 Cheese: Show me a sweet memory! (Optional, only if you knew the person)

Cards are from The Sacred India Tarot.

Hope you enjoyed the spread, it sure gave me a nostalgic smile. And of course, here is the recipe I promised:

Nah, it’s a family secret! ;D …………………………………….. Ok it’s not.

Granny’s scones


500g plain flour

250g butter

2dl plain Greek style yogurt

2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon sugar

3 eggs

1 packet (7g) of yeast


1. proof the yeast with the yogurt and sugar. Yogurt has to be at least room temperature (or warmer), as yeast won’t work in cold.

2. mix everything together in a bowl. If you feel it’s too dry, add some warm milk.

3. cover the bowl with a cloth or its lid, keep it somewhere nice and warm, and let the dough rise. It takes 1-2 hours, depending on your house’s temperature.

4. Kneed, then put the dough back in the bowl and keep it in the fridge overnight.

5. in the morning kneed again.

6. roll it to approximately 1 inch thick and cut out the scones. If you don’t have a biscuit cutter, use a beaker. With a knife, make cross marks on their tops. They should look like a castle on children’s drawings. Spread melted butter on top.

7. take a baking tray, spread butter on it and put the scones, leaving some space between them so they won’t stick together. Sprinkle them with grated cheese (optional but this is my favorite part). Let them rise again (max 1 hour).

8. Preheat oven to 180 °C/350 °F/Gas 4 and bake for approximately 30 minutes.

Enjoy. 🙂

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SummerSolstice Blog Hop 2015 – The Fool


IMG_0301The Fool. Supposed to represent all who have started their journey with the tarot, or actually anyone who have started anything new. It represents us humans, starting off as innocent, ignorant babies, treading the path of all the Major Arcana cards in life.

For a very long time this was one of my “problem cards”. Why? Because the first time I met him was when I opened my first ever tarot deck (The Ancient Egyptian Tarot, still my favorite working deck), and started reading the meanings of the cards. Under the Fool, you get these lines: “This Arcane, XXII., means that a number of misfortunes are threatening you, and that your only hope is to come to you from Heaven towards which your prayers must rise constantly.” Not a very positive meaning. On the picture you see a man walking towards a crocodile, without noticing the danger. Not exactly a card by which I would want to be described as a beginner reader. But then, this is why you have to constantly read, learn, improve and ask questions.

Luckily my mom had a book on a bunch of different fortune telling systems, and there I have read the “standard” meaning of this little bugger, which is the one with being ignorant and stuff like that. As a beginner, I got confused and decided to stick to whatever was written in the little booklet that came with my cards. Only years later could I accept that there could be other meanings to the Fool, proving that indeed the beginner reader has to be described by him. Oh the shame, the shattered ego….

Since then, I came to a sort of ceasefire with him. Now I want to be the Fool, open to all opportunities and options, but still there is a thorn in me because of the first experience.

As it was a difficult card for me, I was thinking about it a lot. Over time, I have found some characters with whom I can make myself accept and even like the figure of the Fool. I will show you three of them: the Youngest Son, Ganesha and Loki. Three completely different characters from three completely different cultures. I love them all the same.

szegenylegenyLet’s start with The Youngest Son. In Hungarian folk tales (actually almost in every nation’s folktales) it is always the youngest son of the king or the poor man, who will at the end overcome all difficulties, save the princess and live happily ever after. How is he related to the Fool?

Before it’s The End, he has to go on a long and dangerous journey. He has to outwit witches (The Magician), meet the other country’s king (The Emperor), slay the Dragon (The Devil), come back from the dead -as sometimes he gets killed by his own brothers- (Moon, Tower, Death), claim his rightful prize and punish the wicked brothers (Justice), marry the princess (Lovers, Sun, Star) and live happily ever after (The World). If I would think about it I am sure I could fit all the Major Arcana cards in these tales.

The second person who helps me to like the Fool is Loki. let_it_go__loki_by_captbexx-d782dqjMind you, it’s The Loki Laufeyson from the Scandinavian Myths, not the Marvel character. Although the Marvel character is based on Him, Loki being the adopted son of Odin, and all that nonsense made me dislike that story. I mean, the films were OK, the actor was a good choice, I could see him in the role of the real thing, but still I was distracted from liking it by Thor being blond and all…

*slaps herself back to the topic*

Sorry for my ranting. Loki is very precious to me. I could write pages and pages and MORE PAGES about him, I wrote my final paper on him—

*slaps herself back to the topic again* loki ency

So I’m talking about the Scandinavian trickster Loki. He is the Fool in many ways (*concentrating on NOT starting to tell his whole life story*).

He is born to Giant parents, but is considered (up to a degree) to be one of the gods. Just like the Fool, he doesn’t belong anywhere, he is a separate category on his own. He is continuously on the move, just can’t sit down peacefully. He always gets into trouble, but always finds a way out too (well, most of the time). I was thinking of making a tarot deck of my own, and as hard as I tried, I couldn’t fit him in any other Major Arcana card. He just has to be the somewhat innocent, playful, unthinking silly Fool. I have to stop writing about him otherwise I will go astray again.

IMG_0313The third one is the Hindu god Ganesha. Although in his established status he is more likely to be the Hierophant or even the World, Ganesha’s story also starts as the Fool. In a nutshell, he was created by Parvati, wife of the god Shiva. Parvati wanted to soak in a nice hot bath and have some “me time”, but her husband never let her be alone. So, she created Ganesha, who had a normal, human head that time. She told him that he is not to let ANYONE in the bath chamber. As a newborn, he was innocent and without knowledge of how the things were run around there. You can see why he was the Fool at it’s best. So, he was standing guard at the door, when Shiva arrived. He of course wanted to go inside, but Ganesha didn’t let him. After trying to explain Ganesha that he is not just anyone, but he is the husband of Parvati, Shiva got angry, and beheaded the boy. Parvati came out of the bath and demanded that Shiva restored Ganesha into life. That was somewhat difficult, because Shiva hit him so hard, the boy’s head got lost in space. After some troubles they finally have put an Elephant’s head on his shoulders, and voila! Ganesha the wise and kind was created. From that time on he is considered to be Shiva’s son and he is to be revered first in every ritual performed in Hindu traditions.

ganesha(I really hope no one gets hurt by me calling Ganesha the Fool. I don’t mean any harm, the Fool in this sense is only to demonstrate how innocent he was that time.)

As you can see, it was a LONG journey for me to accept and start to like the card of the Fool. But, as it is so important with all the other cards too, associations helped me in beating my dislike for him. I hope this short summary helps every beginner reader to find their ways in accepting the problematic cards in tarot. After all, you all have to work together if you want to join in the journey of the Fool.


A FĹ‘papnĹ‘ Ă©s az istenek tánca

Az Odisszi kosztümöm és a Főpapnő lapja a Gilded Tarot pakliból
Az Odisszi kosztümöm és a Főpapnő lapja a Gilded Tarot pakliból

Nem sokan tudják rĂłlam, hogy táncolok. Na nem holmi “kamionsofĹ‘r” Ă©s “vajaskenyĂ©r” mozdulatokrĂłl van szĂł! A tánc, amit Ă©n tanultam Ă©s tanĂ­tottam, IndiábĂłl származik, Ă©s az istenekhez szĂłl.

India sokszínű, varázslatos, tele misztikummal és spirituális tanokkal. A klasszikus táncok ott nem a keringő és a csa-csa-csa. A klasszikus táncok Indiában az istenekhez szólnak, az istenekről és hősökről mesélnek. Kicsit hasonlóan a pantomimhez és a modern tánchoz, ahol szavak nélkül kell elmondani a történetet, itt is a mozdulatok, a mudrák (kéztartások), az arckifejezés tölti be a párbeszédek szerepét. Bár a zene elmeséli a sztorit, aki véletlenül nem értene szanszkritul, annak ez nem nagy segítség.

Mielőtt továbbmennénk, megosztok egy linket a youtuberől, hogy mindenki értse, mire gondolok. Az elején a kicsi Krishna labdázik a barátaival, aztán pedig kezdődik a felirat. 🙂

Tehát ez az a tánc, amit tanĂ­tottam: az Odisszi. A csodálatos, kecses, szemet gyönyörködtetĹ‘ Odisszi. India Odisha nevű államábĂłl származik, Ă©s annak idejĂ©n, mielĹ‘tt a britek betiltották volna, a templomokban táncolták a ‘maharik’, templomi táncosnĹ‘k, hogy az isteneknek örömet szerezzenek. A szertartások rĂ©sze volt, Ă­gy akár papnĹ‘knek is nevezhetnĂ©nk Ĺ‘ket.

Itt kapcsolódik össze az én történetem a papnőkkel és a tarot Főpapnőjével. Én azért kezdtem el Odisszit tanulni, hogy az istenem, Shiva kedvében járjak. Shiva (a pusztítás és újrateremtés mellett) a tánc istene is. Ezért akartam mindenképpen valamilyen indiai táncot elkezdeni: hogy Neki táncolhassak. Debrecenben, ahova egyetemre jártam, az Odisszi volt elérhető, így abba vágtam bele. És mennyire örülök, hogy így alakult! Annyi mindent kaptam a tánctól és a csoporttól, amiben tanultam, és legfőképpen a tanáromtól, Magyar Adrien-től, hogy egyetlen blogposzt kevés lenne felsorolni; kezdve a legjobb szülinapi bulitól egészen a férjemig, nem beszélve a rendkívüli barátságokról, amik köttettek.

odissiItt egy kĂ©p rĂłlam, egy tipikus Odisszi pĂłzban: Parvati bĂĽszkĂ©n tartja karjaiban a kis GanĂ©shát. Egy indiai táncfesztiválon kĂ©szĂĽlt a fellĂ©pĂ©sem után. A táncos karrierem egyik legjobb pillanata volt, hiszen az Odisszi hazájában táncolhattam helyi közönsĂ©gnek, Ă©s ami a legfontosabb: Shivának… A kedvenc visszajelzĂ©s, amit egy helyitĹ‘l kaptam: “olyan átĂ©lĂ©ssel táncolod a darabot, mintha valĂłban az istenek ĂĽlnĂ©nek a közönsĂ©g soraiban.”

Ez is volt a célom: Nekik táncolni. Persze nem mindenki tekint a táncra ennyire spirituálisan. Van, akinek a megélhetését jelenti, van, akinek egy jó hobbi, és van, akinek ez a fitness edzése. Mert iszonyatosan megmozgat, nyújtás, jóga, erőnlét; minden van benne, amit csak akarhatsz.

Annyira sokoldalú egy tánc óra, hogy mindenkinek tudom ajánlani. Javítja a tartást, az önbizalmat és az erőnlétet; ad egy nagyon érdekes tehetséget a repertoárodhoz; és mindenek előtt: a csoport tagjai eszméletlen jófejek, nagyon barátságosak, és az órákon kívül is ott lesznek veled. Persze csak ha te is akarod!

Nem vagy túl öreg. Nem vagy túl kövér. Nem vagy sem túl gyenge, sem túl csúnya, sem semmi más! Ez az a tánc, amit ha öt, vagy ötvenöt évesen kezdesz el, akkor is jót tesz. Önbizalmat, tartást, jó kisugárzást ad. És aki a lelki, spirituális életét szeretné gyarapítani, annak ez a főnyeremény.

A csoportot, aminek az elődjében én tanultam, itt megtalálhatjátok:

Remélem felkeltettem az érdeklődést. És remélem, hogy mindenki megfontolja, hogy részt vegyen a közeledő workshopon, amit Sandhyadipa Kar indiai táncosnő vezet majd Budapesten.

A workshop leĂ­rása: – az összes idĹ‘pont egyetlen link alatt van, ezĂ©rt Ă©rdemes a továbbolvasás gombra kattintani, mert vannak mĂ©g helyek!

A Pesti kurzusok:

2015.06.22.-23.-24.-27.-28. – kezdő kurzus Budapest
(hétfő, kedd, szerda, szombat vasárnap)
18:00-20:00 – kezdĹ‘ kurzus: bemelegĂ­tĹ‘ gyakorlatok, chouka Ă©s tribhangi lĂ©pĂ©sek tanulása Ă©s korrekciĂłja, koreográfia tanulása – „Pada Vande” – egy GanĂ©sához szĂłlĂł darab
2015.06.27.-28.-29-30, 06.01. – haladó kurzus Budapest
(szombattól szerdáig)
szombaton és vasárnap megbeszélés szerint,
ill. hétfőtől szerdáig 18:00-20:00 – haladó kurzus: koreográfia tanulása – „Dasavatar”
A kurzus helyszíne a Szüerro Tánciskola (a Nyugatihoz közel, a Podmaniczky és az Eötvös utca sarkán, Budapest, VI. ker. Podmaniczky u.31.).

További információ kérhető az címen, vagy a táncegyüttes facebook oldalán.

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Strength and Responsibilities

The card of Strength from the Gilded Tarot deck

Strength in tarot means defeating inner demons, overcoming our fears, and mustering the courage to move forward. It also reminds me of the many responsibilities that tarot readers have. We have to be strict but passionate, detached but understanding, truthful but kind and professional but approachable. So many things to be and to think about. For some people it comes naturally, for some it will come with practice. The main point is, that a good tarotist knows how to take responsibility for his/her actions when reading for someone. I will tell you what I mean.

Long ago, in the olden days, maybe even in another galaxy far far away, I was in secondary grammar school. With some other students we got interested in magic. Some of us got into spells, some made candles and dream catchers, and some of us took up tarot. There was a boy, one or two years older than me, who was said to be particularly good with the cards. He always refused to read for me, but others told that he is extremely accurate. One day he agreed to read for one of my best friends. I was not present, but it went something like this: he shuffled the cards, laid them in the Celtic Cross, and then seeing the result, he announced that he will not tell what they mean. He only told that she will have something very bad happening to her in future. As he didn’t say anything else, we forgot about it. Then some years later, my friend’s mom unfortunately got cancer and passed away near Christmas.

Now, I believe he has seen it in the cards. Had he told her what he has seen, my friend would have got freaked out, run home and got her mom do all the necessary tests. If spotted early, maybe her cancer could have been treated, and that would have prevented the tragedy.

Beginner readers often have the mentality of hiding bad news from their seekers, or making it look less threatening. But, as you have seen above, there is nothing wrong with freaking them out. Sometimes it is needed to help them prepare for the worst, or to give them a chance to avoid it. But if you don’t say anything, how are they to know? This is one of our many responsibilities: saying the truth, that too all of it. You don’t have to be blunt, it can be done nice and kindly, but you just have to do it.

Strength from Archangel Tarot

More recently, I had a lady coming for a reading. She wanted to know how her marriage is going to be, and will they have children with her husband. Normal questions from a newly wed, I thought. But when it came to the topic of having a baby, only swords came out. I got scared as hell, I did. This is not what I expected to see, and definitely not what I wanted to see. But, after recovering, I told her that it will be difficult, in her past I see a miscarriage that will affect coming pregnancies and in general she has to be very very careful. She then told me that indeed she had a miscarriage, and even doctors were surprised why it happened. Both she and her husband are fit and healthy, done all the checkups and everything. I told her all the advices the cards shown and made sure she will be extra careful with the next one. Because the last card was promising, there is a chance of them having a live birth after many struggles.

So, after telling her that it will be difficult, but they can have a child, she will be prepared but won’t lose hope. But if I wouldn’t have told her the whole story, she would have expected a normal pregnancy, and maybe wouldn’t have chosen the doctors and midwives as carefully. You see my point.

dragon strength
Strength from the Dragons Tarot

Our other responsibility is to accept that we can be wrong. Sometimes we are just too tired, the deck we are using is new and we don’t know it as well… there can be so many reasons a reading can go wrong. Along with this, we have to accept that other readers have their own style, their own interpretations for the cards, and ours is not the only right way to do things. There is no “THE right way”. Cards are speaking to their owners in a private, intimate language, which is no one else’s business.

In the last few months I had two readings which went wrong. The first one I have to admit, was my fault. I was absolutely exhausted, and the cards felt it. I shouldn’t have done it, but I thought ok, one last reading for the day. It was going terrible, I have seen only disaster after disaster, sex, drugs, murder… Luckily it was for a friend. Even I thought it was impossible to happen to her, and she assured me that nothing like this is going on. So, I apologized, and done her reading a few days later. (it went well, of course)

The second one was a bit more interesting. A lady came to me for a general reading about her future. It was an email reading, so I laid the cards and sent her the result. In her reply mail she told me that it is her sister’s life I’m talking about, so I have repeated the reading. Three times. Every single time her sister’s story was there, no matter what I did. She sent a picture of herself, I used a significator, done her sis’s reading and then tried hers, meditation, incense, etc… nothing worked. She told me that the same thing happened to all of the fortune tellers she had gone to. I am not one who would let this go with a “sorry I can’t do your reading”. After a long chain of mails, it turned out that her sister once saved her life. Now that I knew why this was happening, I could do hers, and this time it went without a problem, and she left happily.

Strength from Tarot of St Petersburgh
Strength from Tarot of St Petersburgh

So, if someone tells you that you are off the track with your reading, after making sure they don’t just say so because of their ego or lack of self knowledge, you have to apologize and do it again. If you need some time between the readings, it’s completely fine. If you need more information from your seeker, ask them. But never ever think that you are 100% right, and if the seeker doesn’t agree, it’s their problem. Everyone makes mistakes, we are humans, after all. But it would be an even bigger mistake not to accept it.

So, I wish every reader, beginners and old foxes alike, to have the strength to accept and fulfill their Responsibilities.