A reading with my Past Life’s Lesson Spread

I have been searching the internet for a spread on this topic for ages, but couldn’t really find what I was looking for. This is a spread I have made to look at past lives in a constructive way. What is the point of knowing who you were if you don’t learn anything, right? Now, this won’t give you your past name, but it will address some issues you might be facing in this lifetime.

Your positions:
1: The main characteristic of the previous life you have to know about right now – e.g. short, long, happy, sad, busy…

2: What kind of a person were you? – your main characteristics: kind, mean, optimistic…

3: What personality traits have you brought from that life to this that are hindering you now? – e.g. haughtiness or mistrust in people

4: Useful traits you brought into this life?

5: What is the lesson you had to learn then, and use in this life? – e.g. You had to learn to be persevering and you could use that trait now

6: What blocks do you have to release that stem from that life? – such as fears and dislikes

7: What karmic debt can you balance now that was made in that life? – e.g. If you were Emperor Nero then, you have quite a lot on your plate but most of us will have a lot less. 

8: How can you restore the balance? 

Let’s see a reading for me! Here are my cards:

Past life lesson and karma tarot reading spread
1: The main characteristic of the previous life you have to know about right nowThe High Priestess

On the card we see Devi Sarasvati, the goddess of Knowledge and Arts.

A scolarly life, quite lonely either because I have decided to be a nun or an ascetic, or because even if I had family around me I was living in my head. A life spent with studies. I was probably very proud of my knowledge too.

2: What kind of a person were you? Three of Pentacles

On the card we see Prince Siddhartha riding out from his palace, and being confronted with sickness, old age and death. He is deeply shaken and decides to start his journey to become Buddha shortly after this experience.

It seems I’ve been pretty oblivious to what was happening around me. Like, to really obvious things… sometimes I still am, haha! Also, the card means teamwork; I wasn’t such a loner after all? Maybe I’ve been a creative director or an architect, or a librarian… 

3: What personality traits have you brought from that life to this that are hindering you now?Ace of Cups

The card shows Lord Shiva in a meditative state as the source of spiritualism. The suit of Cups shows his evolution from an ascetic to a family person.

 I am way too emotional. I can’t handle stress and I crumble under pressure. I might also give too much attention to the ‘other side’ and not live in the ‘real’ world. I simply love to sit in one place and explore my imagination or do magick. That’s not very helpful when I should be getting about my daily routine… 😉 

4. Useful traits you brought into this life?The Fool

The card shows Lord Shiva’s Rudra avatar. Rudra (the Screamer) has jumped forth from Lord Brahma’s forehead and started breaking the half-made universe because he didn’t have a name or a purpose. When Brahma gave him the name Rudra and told him to do some creation, he calmed down and finished the universe. Yipee!

A useful trait I brought from that life is a faith in… faith. Whatever has to happen, will. Whatever had to happen, has happened. No use of being a five of cups and cry over spilled milk. Hakuna Matata.

The Fool is always ready to start on a new adventure and has complete trust in himself that he can do it. Or if not, there will be something else he can do. But there is no way he will be stuck for more than a short time.

5: What is the lesson you had to learn then, and use in this life?The World

The card shows Lord Shiva as Nataraj, the Lord of Dance – and the one who’s dance is the pulse of the universe. 

The complete opposite of the Fool! 😀 I had to learn to complete my projects, to follow them through even in the face of great adversity (the Fool has to reach the World by going through Death and The Tower and the Devil cards!) I wish I remembered this lesson earlier… I am not really good at finishing things. But I will remind myself now! 😉

6: What blocks do you have to release that stem from that life?King of Wands

Creativity, self-worth, confidence, loudness… something terrible must have happened because I have almost none of these things. I know I could be like the KoW but somehow I am afraid to be. I am afraid that my work will be misunderstood, that I will have to explain myself, I have impostor-syndrome… I’ll do a separate reading on this matter later on. It’s a lot. In a nutshell: I am afraid to be ‘out there’.

7: What karmic debt can you balance now that was made in that life? Queen of Pentacles 

Being a mom. Spending time with family. Being a family person, and enjoying it.

8: How can you restore the balance? 10 of Pentacles 

Well here’s to stating the obvious: have a happy family life without having a guilty feeling! Everything in my life led to the point where I am now: being a mom of two awesome boys and staying at home with them. The plan wasn’t exactly this; I have graduated from Uni and worked in an IT company. But when destiny/karma calls, there’s no whining about plans and expectations… Still, I do have a guilty feeling about sitting at home and not having a career. It comes with living in this era I guess. Homemakers are valued next to nothing. Big conflict between karmic balance restoration and expectations of modern society… Will work on this later on! 😉

So, what have I learned? To sum it up: I need to realise that this is a new life with new experiences and opportunities to get rid of some karma. I have to let go of the block on my Wands aspects (I will do a detailed reading on this later on); I also have to embrace being a mother and not let society’s expectations spoil the fun. And I have to make myself aware that I actually can finish projects and I know how to carry things through… just have to get the hang of it again! 

If you’d like a reading with this spread, drop me an email to katalin.patnaik at gmail dot com, or leave a comment and we’ll talk it through. The first person to write will have a free reading with it (because I am such a softy Ace of Cups… and because I feel that someone out there needs this right now). I will expect a detailed and honest feedback in return! 😉

Shuffle your cards in my name, and have a great day!


Cards are from the Sacred India Tarot by Rohit Arya and Jane Adams. 


Relationship heath checkup

Staying up with a teething baby who caught a cold can make you become many things, from a psychopath to the epitome of motherly love. The choice, as always, is yours. I chose to sit with baby on the sofa and write a long awaited new post.

Baby’s situation has made me think of my health and how important it is to keep it. Then about the health of relationships in general. It is so easy to overlook the little telltale signs of deterioration! The following spread can be used as a tool for pointing out possible problems and heal them before it’s too late.

The relationship health check spread

1: What do I need to know about my relationship with Xy right now?

2: What is it that we are doing well and should continue doing?

3: What should we change to improve our relationship?

4: What do I need to change in myself to improve our relationship?

5: What do I expect the other person to change in themself?

6: What do I have to know about this expectation?

7: Outcome if we follow the card’s advice.

Let’s see this reading done for my son (4) and myself!
1. 2 of Pentacles. We have a balanced relationship right now. I feel I need to keep a balance between the boys, tarot and household, and looking at this card, I think I am managing well.
2. Wheel of Fortune. We are adapting to changes well. At this age, my son goes through a lot of changes in every aspect of life. We are keeping up and don’t stop learning and playing.
3. Page of Wands. The thing we have to change is the will to control each other. Shouting. Also, we need to bring curiosity and learning, and a little more adventure. Well, his little brother is growing up too (10 months), so now we can do a lot more things together. They love to play with each other, so there you go!
4. 8 of Cups. I need to say bye to things that aren’t working anymore. To the cute little toddler he was, who did anything I said and never said no. To writing my novel and to attending workshops and courses. I will come back to them when the kids are older. But right now I have to step back and do what is really important.
5: 2 of Swords. I want him to do what I say when I say it. This of course bumps into a revolt, and ultimately ends up with me shouting and Son crying or seething in a corner, throwing stuff on the floor. I want him to stop this and do what he is told to immediately.
6: Queen of Wands. With proper discipline and a different approach it could probably work, but the way I do it is hopeless. Well. Time to stop the screaming then. Note that the thing we have to change is the Page of Wands. Yepp, until I don’t cange that, this part will not work out as I want it to. Also, I think we need less fire energy. 
7: King of Cups. A loving, caring relationship where we can listen to each other and cooperate, and not dominate the other. That will be awesome! Pulling some more cards right now and making a plan how to achieve it!
If you would like your reading done with this spread, write me on katalin.patnaik(at)gmail.com for a quick quote!
Thank you for reading, have a beautiful day!

Reading with my Darth Vader Spread

In my last post I have shared a spread based on Star Wars’ Darth Vader. The result I got from the cards when reading with it was a little more than surprising, so I have decided to dedicate a whole post to it. After all, it is not an everyday occurrence that you get 3 Majors, a Court and an Ace in a five cards spread! So, this is what I made of it:

The Darth Vader Spread

  1. What is my gift? – Death
  2. In what way may I misuse my gift? – Justice
  3. What may compel me to do so? – The Tower
  4. How can I resist this temptation of misusing my gift?  – Queen of Pentacles
  5. What is my trade mark that everyone knows me by? – Ace of Pentacles


If you squint in the right way, you can discover Darth Vader’s helm in the layout! 😀

1. What is my gift? – Death

For those who know me it is not a surprise that I have got Death as my gift. My fascination with Death and the Beyond has never been a secret. A short anecdote if you allow me: in secondary grammar school on arts class, we were analyzing famous paintings.  I have commented on one that I didn’t really like it, to what my teacher said: “Well why would you, there isn’t a single corpse on it!

So what is my gift?

There are numerous things coming to mind. It is the ability of seeing Death as a part of our mortal lives. The ability of letting go. The ability to help others accept and let go. The ability to change, to transform myself and maybe others as well (this is in the future after loads of training). I can see myself working as a bereavement counselor in future. I believe there are no evil persons on the planet and that with education and acceptance people can change – of course it depends on their will to change and their surroundings, I am not that naive. I see everyone as equal and am very dependable – like Death. These are the mundane things that are not really the major aspects of the card.

Apart from these, there are some more serious things. I can communicate with the Other Side, go there if I want to. I have a very close relationship with some of the entities that live Beyond (not angels, that’s not my stuff). I can remember things from past lives and am currently training to take people back to theirs.

2. In what way may I misuse my gift? – Justice

I may misuse it if I won’t do it justice. It is clearly something I have to utilize in this life, taking that it is a Major Arcana card. I have to figure out in what way I can use my gift, and do it. I do feel the calling, but right now I am not ready yet. Too much earthly business is going on. 🙂

3. What may compel me to do so? – The Tower

There could be a great break in my life when I lose the ability or the interest in these deathly things. My life line on my palm shows the same, and I feel I will have a Tower moment later in my life which will be very difficult to survive. I am not looking forward to it, to be honest, but will try and live through it with dignity.

The other thing that may stop me from using this gift is the fear of losing my personal life, if it makes sense. I am terrified of being judged by the ones I love. I fear they will see me as a lunatic, or tell me that Death and the dark side of one’s soul is not something a proper Indian wife should be making herself busy with – the color pink and the household would be more like it, seasoned with some soap watching in telly (strictly no Game of Thrones),  lol. But I am not a pink bubbly girl. I like dark colors and I need my calm, alone time.

4. How can I resist this temptation of misusing my gift?  – Queen of Pentacles

By being myself, hahaha! My significator is the sexy, magical, nurturing Queen of Pentacles. I have to present these things as completely natural, and show people that it is still me and haven’t changed just because I have returned to my “dark side”.

5. What is my trade mark that everyone knows me by? – Ace of Pentacles


Pentacles stand for nature, health, and magic. I am all of these: I love nature, and am trying my best at keeping it clean for generations after us. I love natural health remedies and am generally in a good health. And magic… I am the witch of the family, hahaha! 😀

May the Fourth be with you! The Darth Vader Tarot Spread

vaderGreetings to all Star Wars fans on the most important day of the year!

For those who still don’t get it: you know in the Star Wars movies instead of saying good luck, they say ‘May the Force be with you’. Today is the 4th of May ~ May the fourth be with you? Theeeere you go! 😀

So I have made this spread to honor the occasion. May I proudly present you:


The Darth Vader Spread

1. What is my gift? – Darth Vader was extraordinarily gifted, the Force was extremely strong in him. What is your gift that makes you extraordinary?
2. In what way may I misuse my gift? – Vader chose the Dark Side, and used his power for evil. We may not be in such an extreme situation, but there are ways we can misuse our talents too! Wasting it, for one.
3. What may compel me to do so? – Vader was lost in impatience, anger, and desire for power and love. The Jedi couldn’t give him what he wanted, so he slowly drifted towards the Dark Side. Moreover, his life was saved by the Dark Lord, so he was bound to him ever after.
4. How can I resist this temptation of misusing my gift? – Vader has at the end returned to the… Light Side to save his son. What is the thing that can stop you from choosing the Dark Side, aka the easy way?

5. What is my trade mark that everyone knows me by? – Vader has his breathing, his helm and his theme music. What do you have that others can recognize you instantly by?


The spread is arranged like Vader’s helm. If you squint in the right way. Aaaanyway, here are my cards:

  1. What is my gift? – Death
  2. In what way may I misuse my gift? – Justice
  3. What may compel me to do so? – The Tower
  4. How can I resist this temptation of misusing my gift?  – Queen of Pentacles
  5. What is my trade mark that everyone knows me by? – Ace of Pentacles


Wow, receiving Death as one’s talent is quite an honor! I will have to think this through before commenting on any of my cards, this is a seriously amazing result! D: