2018 Samhain Blog Hop – Saying thanks to Spirit


Spirits have always been part of my life. I would probably feel very lonely without my clairesentience ability… and thinking about this makes me realise that sometimes I am an absolute twat with *them*. An ungrateful opportunistic selfish little human being who even forgets to do her prayers in the morning. (Well it’s mostly due to my toddler needing something and me getting side tracked but still.) What’s due is due and the question prompts kindly provided by our wrangler Aisling come very timely indeed. 

To take a look at my relationship with one spirit who is very dear to me, I have used the Darkwater Tarot by James Douglas. This is my new go-to deck when it comes to communication with the other side. Its black and white images lend themselves well to this task; they remind me of what is beyond the veil, and after testing them in a number of readings for different topics they became my 78 piece Ouija board. 

So let us see the spread I have created for this wonderful occasion! (I am not good at staying with what has been provided, sorry)

James Douglas Darkwater Tarot1. (The selfish little human): what does my spirit guide (slash secret crush) think about me?
2: What do I think of my spirit guide (slash secret crush)?
3: What is the thing I’m doing he is happy with?
4: What is the thing I’m doing he is fed up with?
5:  What is the thing he’s doing that I am happy with?
6: Why?
7: What is the thing he’s doing I am fed up with?
8: Why?
9: What is the main thing he wants to teach me right now?
10: How can I ever thank him for being such an awesome dude?
Well, looking at the cards, I am surprised there are not many Majors… Not quite what I expected – or rather – not what I wanted to see.
1. (The selfish little human): what does my spirit guide (slash secret crush) think about me? – Three of Pentacles
Am I so hard to work with? Really? Surely not! What do you mean I’m whining all the time?!
2: What do I think of my spirit guide (slash secret crush)? The Star reversed/ Empty Sky
I think He isn’t fulfilling my wishes, and I do know it is a good thing, ok? I might moan about stuff time to time but who doesn’t? (Now he rolls his eyes at me and tells me a name who doesn’t. Le sigh.) The sky would indeed be empty without him. There was a period when I had to be without him, and it was hard. I am super happy he is back.
3: What is the thing I’m doing he is happy with? – King of Cups reversed
I am controlling my emotions much better than I used to. And working on leaving behind what doesn’t serve my emotional wellbeing. Yay.
4: What is the thing I’m doing he is fed up with? – Two of Wands reversed
I am not acting on my ideas. I am fed up with it too. Sorry dude… 😦 I’m working on it!
5:  What is the thing he’s doing that I am happy with? – 10 of Cups reversed
He isn’t going light on me anymore. There was a time when he was super kind and just kept me floating, giving me strength to survive. Now I can take on more, so he does dump it on me and I love him for it.
6: Why? – Page of Wands
Because I am ready!! (Said it in Spongebob style.) I am proud of being stronger.
7: What is the thing he’s doing I am fed up with? – 4 of Cups
Amm… I have no idea what this means. At all. Nope. There’s nothing I am fed up with. Lol.
8: Why? – Lovers reversed/The Fall
Oh all right sometimes I do miss him being super nice. Jeez, this deck is insistent.
9: What is the main thing he wants to teach me right now? – The World reversed/ The Unexplained
Omg wow! Oh-kay…. no pressure then… I shall grab my notebook! ^_^
10: How can I ever thank him for being such an awesome dude? – 10 of Wands reversed
Stop whining and taking too much on. Enjoy life, spend time with family. Also, the ten wands look like ten skewers ready to grill some food for him. I wonder if he’s hinting at something, haha! (Yes. Yes he is.)
Well, this spread did turn out nicer than I expected it to be! If you give it a go, do let me know how it went! Or you could hop on to Jay or Arwen’s posts! Happy Halloween!



2017 Mabon blog hop – Sacred Food


Welcome to this year’s Mabon tarot blog hop! Our wrangler Boglarka Kiss has asked us to write about what a specific tarot character would prepare for this occasion of celebrating harvest and abundance.

thoth queen of discs, mabon blog hopSurprise surprise, I chose the Queen of Pentacles. Why? Because it would be my significator if I ever used one. No rocket science until now. But!

This year, the Hindu festival of Navaratri coincides with Mabon. Navaratri means ‘nine nights’, and is meant to worship and celebrate the Goddess Durga and her nine forms. It starts on 21/09/2017 this year, so here we have Mabon and Navratri at the same time. Great!

I am sure all the hop posts will be full of delicious pumpkin recipes (YUM!), so I thought to use this lucky coincidence to show you what people eat in India on this day!

Food for Indians is sacred. Whatever the date is, even if there’s no festival going on (that’s a very rare occasion!) food has to be prepared in a certain manner, only then will the consumer lick their fingers and ask for more while still having some on their plate.

Short history lesson: spice blends like Garam Masala were created by priests/nutritionists not only to taste awesome but to aid people’s health as well. For example, Garam Masala has black peppers, coriander seeds, cloves, bay leaves, cinnamon, mace, black and green cardamom, cumin seeds and dry red chilies. You dry roast these and grind them in a blender. Some of this masala’s health benefits according to Ayurveda are aiding weight loss, lowering blood pressure and boosting the immune system. When you make it be sure to open all windows and send the kids out to play because man it will sting your eyes!

So, what do people eat on the holy occasion of Navaratri? For most of the day nothing, as you are supposed to be fasting, but when you finished your evening worship you can go and break your fast and oh was it worth the wait! Here I list some mouthwatering foods that all have one ingredient in common, that is easily available in the UK and around the world. It is nice and round, just like a Pentacle (Queen of Pentacles, remember?) Have you guessed it?

Yes, the disgusting sticky pudding thing, tapioca! And let me tell you, it is only disgusting because you have been making it wrong all this time! So now listen because here I present you the Queen of Pentacles’ list of dishes she prepares for Strength (Goddess Durga).

1. The Starter: Sabudana Pakora – Tapioca fritters made with mashed potatoes and roasted peanuts, served with chutneys. If you want to avoid deep fried things, try Sabudana Thalipeet instead!

2. The Main Course: Sabudana Khichdi – Tapioca cooked with peanuts and potatoes

3. The Dessert: Sabudana Kheer – Tapioca pudding


Eating tapioca is good for your bones, your brain, your insides, good for muscle growth, for aiding healthy growth of fetuses, and boosts milk production for breast feeding women. It is high in fiber, minerals and vitamins. The only thing is, if you want to lose weight, this should be a food that makes it to your table very rarely.

I hope I have changed your mind about tapioca, and inspired you to try some new recipes this year! Have a happy Mabon, and Hail the Goddess!



MidFall/Samhain 2015 Tarot Blog Hop: Commune, Communicate, Commemorate


Our wrangler, Arwen Lynch-Poe asked us to write about communing, communicating and commemorating our loved ones who have gone on before us. It is a topic close to my heart, and I can’t wait to read the other blogs!


This is such a strange time of the year. Harvest, thanksgiving, colorful leaves, pumpkins, making wine, drinking wine, children getting tired of school… And there’s the thinning of The Veil. Everyone knows how all the world’s cultures have festivals for ancestors around this time.

Papa-nyakabanFor me it is a little more personal. My grandfather died in October. He is not in any history book, but for me he is a hero. He loved us so much  with my sisters I can’t even begin to describe it. (It’s him on the picture with me on his shoulders, a good 20 years back.) When I was small I have always said I want to marry him. 🙂 My granny would say something like “what will happen to me then?” and I’d reassure her that she can stay with us because she bakes the best cakes and cookies in the whole world. How nice of me. Now she always says that she is just waiting when she can join him again.

imageHe was a hero not only for me tho. When he was in the army (those times it was compulsory) he once saved his commander’s life. The commander had a radio which got fused, and he got “stuck” to it by the electric shock. My grandfather arrived in time; he has hit the commander with a broom, freeing him from the radio and saving his life. Later on the commander saved him from being ‘disciplined’ for teasing girls on duty, lol. Those were the times…

imageHe loved my granny’s scones. (She makes the best scones btw so if you want to try them I will post the recipe at the end) Sometimes we would get naughty and eat them secretly in the larder. Of course when we couldn’t eat lunch we were found out, but by that time it was too late.

imageI could tell so many stories about him it would take pages and pages… But I only want to say one more thing: I’m relieved that he died. He was ill for a very long time, and it was horrible to watch how this once strong and loving man slowly became the empty shell of himself. Thank you, Death for freeing him.

I have made a spread for his memory but it can be used for anyone who left this dimension. I call it the ‘scone spread‘ and it goes like this:

image1 Flour: what is this person’s legacy?

2 Milk and yeast: How does this person want to be remembered?

3 Eggs: What can I learn from this person?

4 Butter: What message would this person send?

+ 5 Cheese: Show me a sweet memory! (Optional, only if you knew the person)

Cards are from The Sacred India Tarot.

Hope you enjoyed the spread, it sure gave me a nostalgic smile. And of course, here is the recipe I promised:

Nah, it’s a family secret! ;D …………………………………….. Ok it’s not.

Granny’s scones


500g plain flour

250g butter

2dl plain Greek style yogurt

2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon sugar

3 eggs

1 packet (7g) of yeast


1. proof the yeast with the yogurt and sugar. Yogurt has to be at least room temperature (or warmer), as yeast won’t work in cold.

2. mix everything together in a bowl. If you feel it’s too dry, add some warm milk.

3. cover the bowl with a cloth or its lid, keep it somewhere nice and warm, and let the dough rise. It takes 1-2 hours, depending on your house’s temperature.

4. Kneed, then put the dough back in the bowl and keep it in the fridge overnight.

5. in the morning kneed again.

6. roll it to approximately 1 inch thick and cut out the scones. If you don’t have a biscuit cutter, use a beaker. With a knife, make cross marks on their tops. They should look like a castle on children’s drawings. Spread melted butter on top.

7. take a baking tray, spread butter on it and put the scones, leaving some space between them so they won’t stick together. Sprinkle them with grated cheese (optional but this is my favorite part). Let them rise again (max 1 hour).

8. Preheat oven to 180 °C/350 °F/Gas 4 and bake for approximately 30 minutes.

Enjoy. 🙂

And while you are at it, why not visit other participating blogs? Just follow the links to the previous/next blog, or choose from the master list.


SummerSolstice Blog Hop 2015 – The Fool


IMG_0301The Fool. Supposed to represent all who have started their journey with the tarot, or actually anyone who have started anything new. It represents us humans, starting off as innocent, ignorant babies, treading the path of all the Major Arcana cards in life.

For a very long time this was one of my “problem cards”. Why? Because the first time I met him was when I opened my first ever tarot deck (The Ancient Egyptian Tarot, still my favorite working deck), and started reading the meanings of the cards. Under the Fool, you get these lines: “This Arcane, XXII., means that a number of misfortunes are threatening you, and that your only hope is to come to you from Heaven towards which your prayers must rise constantly.” Not a very positive meaning. On the picture you see a man walking towards a crocodile, without noticing the danger. Not exactly a card by which I would want to be described as a beginner reader. But then, this is why you have to constantly read, learn, improve and ask questions.

Luckily my mom had a book on a bunch of different fortune telling systems, and there I have read the “standard” meaning of this little bugger, which is the one with being ignorant and stuff like that. As a beginner, I got confused and decided to stick to whatever was written in the little booklet that came with my cards. Only years later could I accept that there could be other meanings to the Fool, proving that indeed the beginner reader has to be described by him. Oh the shame, the shattered ego….

Since then, I came to a sort of ceasefire with him. Now I want to be the Fool, open to all opportunities and options, but still there is a thorn in me because of the first experience.

As it was a difficult card for me, I was thinking about it a lot. Over time, I have found some characters with whom I can make myself accept and even like the figure of the Fool. I will show you three of them: the Youngest Son, Ganesha and Loki. Three completely different characters from three completely different cultures. I love them all the same.

szegenylegenyLet’s start with The Youngest Son. In Hungarian folk tales (actually almost in every nation’s folktales) it is always the youngest son of the king or the poor man, who will at the end overcome all difficulties, save the princess and live happily ever after. How is he related to the Fool?

Before it’s The End, he has to go on a long and dangerous journey. He has to outwit witches (The Magician), meet the other country’s king (The Emperor), slay the Dragon (The Devil), come back from the dead -as sometimes he gets killed by his own brothers- (Moon, Tower, Death), claim his rightful prize and punish the wicked brothers (Justice), marry the princess (Lovers, Sun, Star) and live happily ever after (The World). If I would think about it I am sure I could fit all the Major Arcana cards in these tales.

The second person who helps me to like the Fool is Loki. let_it_go__loki_by_captbexx-d782dqjMind you, it’s The Loki Laufeyson from the Scandinavian Myths, not the Marvel character. Although the Marvel character is based on Him, Loki being the adopted son of Odin, and all that nonsense made me dislike that story. I mean, the films were OK, the actor was a good choice, I could see him in the role of the real thing, but still I was distracted from liking it by Thor being blond and all…

*slaps herself back to the topic*

Sorry for my ranting. Loki is very precious to me. I could write pages and pages and MORE PAGES about him, I wrote my final paper on him—

*slaps herself back to the topic again* loki ency

So I’m talking about the Scandinavian trickster Loki. He is the Fool in many ways (*concentrating on NOT starting to tell his whole life story*).

He is born to Giant parents, but is considered (up to a degree) to be one of the gods. Just like the Fool, he doesn’t belong anywhere, he is a separate category on his own. He is continuously on the move, just can’t sit down peacefully. He always gets into trouble, but always finds a way out too (well, most of the time). I was thinking of making a tarot deck of my own, and as hard as I tried, I couldn’t fit him in any other Major Arcana card. He just has to be the somewhat innocent, playful, unthinking silly Fool. I have to stop writing about him otherwise I will go astray again.

IMG_0313The third one is the Hindu god Ganesha. Although in his established status he is more likely to be the Hierophant or even the World, Ganesha’s story also starts as the Fool. In a nutshell, he was created by Parvati, wife of the god Shiva. Parvati wanted to soak in a nice hot bath and have some “me time”, but her husband never let her be alone. So, she created Ganesha, who had a normal, human head that time. She told him that he is not to let ANYONE in the bath chamber. As a newborn, he was innocent and without knowledge of how the things were run around there. You can see why he was the Fool at it’s best. So, he was standing guard at the door, when Shiva arrived. He of course wanted to go inside, but Ganesha didn’t let him. After trying to explain Ganesha that he is not just anyone, but he is the husband of Parvati, Shiva got angry, and beheaded the boy. Parvati came out of the bath and demanded that Shiva restored Ganesha into life. That was somewhat difficult, because Shiva hit him so hard, the boy’s head got lost in space. After some troubles they finally have put an Elephant’s head on his shoulders, and voila! Ganesha the wise and kind was created. From that time on he is considered to be Shiva’s son and he is to be revered first in every ritual performed in Hindu traditions.

ganesha(I really hope no one gets hurt by me calling Ganesha the Fool. I don’t mean any harm, the Fool in this sense is only to demonstrate how innocent he was that time.)

As you can see, it was a LONG journey for me to accept and start to like the card of the Fool. But, as it is so important with all the other cards too, associations helped me in beating my dislike for him. I hope this short summary helps every beginner reader to find their ways in accepting the problematic cards in tarot. After all, you all have to work together if you want to join in the journey of the Fool.