Yule 2018 Tarot Blog Hop – Finding my Cozy

You think of a wonderful thought!
Any happy little thought?
Like toys at Christmas? Sleigh bells? Snow?
Yep! Watch me now, here I go! It’s easier than pie!


I haven’t seen Peter Pan until I was about 28, when one day I stumbled across it on TV and watched it with the kids. It is a very different experience to watch a kids movie as an adult for the first time. There are no memories attached to the movie, and you see the whole thing with the disapproving eyes of a parent. Still, maybe because I have read the book before seeing the animation, I did like it. Especially the songs. And when Joanne Sprott, our wrangler has shared the topic of this hop, the song immediately started to play in my head, on a loop: think of Christmas, think of snow, think of sleigh bells, off you go…

What I like about this song is its message. If you think of a happy thought, you can fly! Well, not physically due to the lack of pixie dust we have here in Midgard but still, positive thinking can take you places. I hear you ask: what could be more positive than a festival spent with people you love? That’s right! Watching Disney movies with said people!

Yes. My cozy is Disney movies being watched with the kids on either side of me, hot chocolate in hand, feet tucked in under a warm blanket. (Don’t judge me lol.)

I wonder when Disney/Pixar will see the enormous black hole in the market. I mean, even Sailor Moon and Hello Kitty have theirs. It’s well past time Disney got its act together and published a tarot deck, am I right?!

To make it easier for you, dear Guys at Disney, I have made a list of the Majors for you. You just have to give me The Nod and it is published, like, yesterday!

Not-entirely-jokes apart, this deck would be my ultimate cozy comfort tarot to go to. Full of strong characters, archetypes, and brilliant stories, Disney’s animation movies are a perfect match for the cards, and the characters would trigger happy little thoughts in my mind and intuition that could make the reading fly! So yes, here I present my list of the 22 Majors associated with Disney characters.

0 the fool ariel0 The Fool – The Little Mermaid

1 The Magician – Genie (Aladdin)

2 The High Priestess – Elsa (Frozen)

3 The Empress – Duchess (Aristocats)

4 The Emperor – Grownup Simba (The Lion King)

05 hierophant granny willow5 The Hierophant – Grandmother Willow (Pocahontas)

6 The Lovers – Cinderella and Prince Charming

7 The Chariot – Lightning Mcqueen (Cars)

8 Strength – Mulan

9 The Hermit – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

10 The Wheel of Fortune – The three fates from Herkules

01 the magician genie11 Justice – Robin Hood

12 The Hanged Man – Kenai (Brother Bear)

13 Death – The Apple (Snow White)

14 Temperance – The Girl (The Jungle Book)

15 The Devil – Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)

16 The Tower – Rapunzel escaping from her Tower (Tangled)

03 empress duchess17 The Star – Geppetto (Pinocchio)

18 The Moon – Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

19 The Sun – Lilo and Stitch

20 Judgement – The Beast transforms back to human (Beauty and the Beast)

21 The World – Moana


There. The fact that it only took about ten minutes to compile this list is alarming. Am I such a big nerd? Jeez!



(Not that I’m not going to print these cards anyway but you know… a professional, officially published deck would be awesome!)

Well, as you can see I have found my imaginary cozy deck! Until such happy days when it is actually published, my present and forever go to deck is the Egyptian Tarot by Comte Sain Germain published by US Games Inc. I wanted to talk about this deck but I got side tracked and well… you know the rest.

Hop on now, and Happy Holidays, everyone!




2016 Yule/Winter Solstice Tarot Blog Hop


‘Tis that time of the year again! Be merry, open your moneypurse and overspend your credit limit. The Coca-Cola trucks have been sighted: it’s officially Christmas!

Also, welcome to the Yule tarot blog hop. Our wrangler, Joanne Sprott from Cosmic Whispers Tarot has given the topic of looking inside, digging for gold in the dark, fertile soil of our souls. How marvellous! I love the moist smell of rotting autumn leaves, and can’t wait to have dirt under my nails!

That said, after the October Tarot Shadow Work Challange I have created I had no idea what to write. I have used up all the ideas I had, and recycling them into this post didn’t feel right. Then inspiration hit!

Norse Mythology on Facebook came up with an art competition with Goddess Freyja and Midwinter as topic, and how these two connect ( results were out on the 23rd, I haven’t won anything, lol). I have made this painting to submit:

Freyja as Goddess of Death

Freyja, the Lady. Freyja the beautiful. Freyja the sexy. Njörd’s daughter; Frey’s sister; Od’s neglected wife; owner of Brisingamen, the most precious piece of jewellery in the nine worlds. Roughly these are the things your average viking enthusiast will associate with her. But she is so much more than these suprficial, mainstream love-goddess things!

Some researchers say she is Gullweig-Heid; the Van goddess who has been burnt by the Äsir three times for bringing disquiet to Asgard (in the form of erections and posessive machoism). With the help of her magic she has resurrected after each murder attempt, but this attrocity has triggered the great war between the Äsir and the Vanir – at the end of which to seal the peace, hostages have been exchanged; can you guess who was one of them? Exactly.

Living amongst the people who have put her on a burning pyre three times, and yet most of whom can barely hide their erections when they glimpse her – the guys anyway – is tough. And Freyja, along with being extremely magnetic, is a tough woman.

Her carriage is pulled by two cats [this alone proves my point: go and try to teach a cat this trick and see what it thinks about it! ;)] as she flies over battlefields, claiming the souls of the dead. No, it is not only the valkyries who deliver heroes to their heavenly abode in Walhalla. Along with Odin, Freyja has the right to half of all the souls who have fallen in battle. She takes them to her castle Sessrumnir to party until Ragnarök comes and they can prove their worth. Very goth!

The painting shows her in midwinter, suggested by the tiara made of holly leaves in her hair. Her long blond locks are left loose, somewhat unkempt. A warrior doesn’t always have time to brush out those knots! Around the corners of her blue eyes you see the tiny marks of ageing. This is a mature goddess who brings you the honour of death in battle, not some damsel in distress! (Although if I would have drawn more wrinkles, I suspect I wouldn’t have lived to the day this hop goes live, hehe) Her facial expression is a kind of RBF (resting bi*ch face) to convey the message that she does not care for your BS. She has heard all the pleas, knows all the lies men have ever made up to convince a woman. You will need something more if you want her on your side.

She wears her falcon cloak that makes her able to fly without having to transform into an actual bird – and probably having to arrive as naked as a newborn after taking her own form back. On her leather shoulder plate you see the likenesses of her sacred animals: a boar and a cat, made of gold with ruby insets. (They are based on viking replica jewellery, here and here

It is said that she sheds red gold, or in this case ruby tears for her missing husband. I have used these tears to decorate her armour. She is beyond playing the neglected wife now. She uses her past sorrows as ornaments, as precious stones for her soul under fallen autumn leaves.

I will leave you with that thought and this card I have made for the hop.

Viking Goddess Freyja as Tarot card Death
Cloudless Winter Solstice for everyone! Make sure to like, share and comment before you hit the Next button! 😉


2016 Beltane Tarot Blog Hop

May-tree (Májusfa) erected in Sóstó, Hungary



As we know, Beltane marks the beginning of the second half of the Celtic year, opposite to Shamhain. Just like at Shamhain the Veil is thinner, but instead of the other world coming to ours, this time we can travel to the other world.


Our wrangler Karen Sealey asked us to write something about how we use the word “may” in our readings; what does it mean to us, do we use it often; write a poem about it, paint, photograph, dance about it. Kick it about and see what you get.


I have to admit, I had no idea what to write. I have taken up so many things that I’m about to drown myself, and I am not ready to think of puns in a language not native on my tongue (Yes I’m Hungarian, and yes, Viktor of House Orbán, First of his name, Defender of our Borders and Inflation and National Football, the Unbothered, Father of children who stand on their own feet, the Builder of Stadiums, is our prime minister but believe me no one likes him any more than you do. And yes I read Game of Thrones.). So I had to look for inspiration somewhere. I could have compared Hungarian traditions with Celtic ones that are done in May, but I was not feeling up to the challenge… Instead, what I found is The Beltane Crossing Over Spread by Sasha Graham from her book ‘365 Tarot Spreads – Revealing the magic in every day’. That is what I’m going to try here, because it has some crazy positions – like “What does it smell like in the netherworld?” I mean… that’s not a question I’d ask my cards… 😀 Anyway, here it goes.


‘Beltane Crossing Over Spread’ by Sasha Graham

  1. What does the netherworld feel like? – The Veiled Lamp (Hermit)
  2. What does it smell like? – The Thunder-struck Tower (Tower)
  3. Whom do I encounter? – The Scepter (Ace of Wands)
  4. Are spirits happy there? – The Two Ways (Lovers)
  5. What does it feel like to be dead? – The Four Swords
  6. How is time experienced? – The Two Urns (Temperance)
  7. Do you watch me? – The Mistress of the Pentacle
  8. Do you make yourself known in our world? – The Warrior of the Pentacle
  9. What is the point of Life? – The seven Scepters
  10. What is the point of Death? – The three of Swords
  11. What lesson should I carry back to the regular world? – The Chariot of Osiris (Chariot)


Deck used is The Egyptian Tarot by Comte Saint Germain, US Games.
1. What does the netherworld feel like? – The Veiled Lamp (Hermit)

It is lonely. You have left people you loved behind. At the same time, you know your time was up, and moving on isn’t that hard once you have actually crossed over. You can see the Light, and the Light is warm and beautiful.


2. What does it smell like? – The Thunder-struck Tower (Tower)

It smells of ashes and the faint smell of electricity.


3. Whom do I encounter? – The Scepter (Ace of Wands)

People who have left before me. My ancestors. My grandfather.


4. Are spirits happy there? – The Two Ways (Lovers)

Yes, they are surrounded by Love and their loved ones. But you have to choose to be happy and accept the Love, otherwise you will be yearning for your Life, that cannot be yours anymore.


5. What does it feel like to be dead? – The Four Swords

Restive. Like a spa break before returning. Sounds great! 🙂 Although in the deck I am using, this card means regrets and feeling guilty. It depends on the person I guess.


6. How is time experienced? – The Two Urns (Temperance)

It flows by but you never notice it. There is no rush, everyone understands that when the time comes we will be together again. Until then you live in Love, so there is absolutely no hurry.


7. Do you watch me? – The Mistress of the Pentacle

(I don’t want anyone to watch me! That’s spooky!) Yes, they are watching and helping whenever they can.


8. Do you make yourself known in our world? – The Warrior of the Pentacle

If they can find the right vehicle/medium, they do make themselves known here. Otherwise we just go by, never noticing.


9. What is the point of Life? – The seven Scepters

To stand up for yourself, don’t let others pull you down and do what you love.  Defend your happiness and don’t listen to anyone who says it cannot be done.


10. What is the point of Death? – The three of Swords

To end what was not useful anymore. To let go of things you have been attached to. To break your and your loved ones’ hearts.


11. What lesson should I carry back to the regular world? – The Chariot of Osiris (Chariot)

Tell them there is life after Death. There is life after Afterlife. But these are not the things they should be worrying about. There is life before Death, and they could make it so much more blissful, joyful, adventurous, exciting, exalting, laughing, crying, playing, toiling, creating, destroying, controlling and letting go… They could live now, enjoy the small wonders and wonder over miracles. Take the reins and snap the behinds of your horses!



This wasn’t such a silly spread after all…


Oh, back to the original topic: I don’t use “may” in my readings much. Partly because I read in Hungarian, partly because I feel it makes the reading seem uncertain. Which of course it may be. Happy Beltane everyone! 😉