hourglassAsking questions is easy. When will I get married? Will I get my dream job?

Asking meaningful, helpful questions – not that much.

See, the problem with the ‘when’ and ‘whether’ kind of questions is that they are so unhelpful. When will I get married – how do you know you will get married at all? Will I get my dream job – same question again. Wouldn’t it be more helpful to ask: what can I DO to get my dream job? Or, How can I cultivate a healthy, long term relationship with my partner?

See the difference? Great! So, while you certainly don’t have to phrase your questions this way, I find it so much more helpful and empowering. Consider starting your questions with How and What instead of When. The future is not set in stone, it is up to you how you shape it for yourself. Take responsibility and create the present you want to live in.