To book a reading, you must have two things done. First, have a question in mind. (Seems easy enough? Click here to see why it’s not!)

Second, you must have my Terms and Conditions read. It’s not only important for me, it is important for you to know what you can expect from me.

When you are ready, write me on katalin (dot) patnaik (at) gmail (dot) com.

What kind of readings do I offer?

I have divided my readings in two groups: 1, email readings,  2, live chat readings.


Email Readings

1. The Three Cards – £10

From the three cards I can extract quite a bit of information, but it has its limits. I recommend this for simpler questions, like What to give someone for their birthday, or for an affirmation or reassurance for a thought or plan you already have. It can be an open question like the birthday example, a past-present-future reading, or a spread for what to do, what to avoid and and an advice card.


2. The Horseshoe (or other 4-7 cards spread) – £18

This is a seven card spread that will give you information about past, present and outer influences, and give you an advice of how to proceed and what could be the outcome if you heeded the cards’ advice. I recommend this for a quick overview of a mildly difficult situation like e.g. a relationship that started to go wrong.


3. The Celtic Cross (or any other spread up to 10 Cards) – £28

This is a classic spread that looks at past, present, future, influences, surroundings, the cause of the situation and the best that can be made of it. I recommend this for more complicated situations or general readings, because it provides quite a lot of information.


4. The Council of Thirteen (13 cards) – £38

Based on Camelia Elias’s Council of Thirteen this is a spread that has no assigned meanings to the positions of the cards. In this, the cards speak for themselves. I look at the relations between them, and tell you what I see. I recommend this for any type of question, from the simplest to the most complicated ones because this gives an awful lot of information.


Live chat readings


For this option, visit my page on Zodiac Psychics. I am online most working days from 10:00 to 15:00 UK time. Click here to start a chat! If you are a new customer, the first three minutes are free!