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It’s the first day of my new job. I have an enjoyable time, and everyone is lovely to work with. At the end of the day, Boss asks me how I liked it. I say it was good, thanks. To which he replies:

“Better than sitting at home, watching TV, right?

Now, I’m sure there are many people like that, who have nothing else to do at home. And he didn’t say it in a condescending way. He didn’t mean to offend. But he did.

See, I have a million and one thing to do at home. When the kids are there, it’s all about them and husband. Food, cleaning up, homework, play, tuition, cooking next meal, etc. When the kids aren’t at home, it’s still a ton of housework – yes, all day, every day, because husband has dust allergy, and I have to clean everything all the time, and I like to live in a clean house anyway, and I like to eat fresh food (made from scratch) every day. Keeping it together takes hours of work.

And then there’s my ‘free time’.

In my free time, I live my ‘Secret Life’ that others don’t always get to see.

The Numinous Tarot

I am editing my first fiction book. It’s roughly 300 pages (double spaced), and it takes time to go through all that text. It is a huge undertaking, and my few hours a day aren’t really getting me through it at the speed I’d like to.

Then there’s tarot. I am working on a tarot deck, and a new tarot book. Both are very much a work in progress, so that’s all you’re going to hear about them for now, but I’ll get there… in a year or two, after editing, as that enjoys priority at the moment.

I’m also writing short stories for anthologies and competitions. My latest one, Lighting the Way, got shortlisted at the Kanturk Art Festival. (Yay!)

The 1917 Tarot

I teach Odissi, an Indian classical dance from the temples of Odisha state. Time to time I am asked to perform in our local temples, and I need at least two weeks of intensive practice for that to happen. Meaning at least two hours a day, every day. That’s roughly how much free time I have.

I also would love to paint, practice on my sitar, read, and do a ton of other things. Here I am, writing this blog hop, still not watching TV!

Anyway. Sorry for the rant. I needed it, because there are so many people who assume that if you are a stay at home mom, you just dump the kids in front of the tv, and do nothing all day. It’s hard, unpaid work, that rarely gets appreciated.

Right. Sacred knowledge. This belongs to the Secret Life I live in my free time. It’s not exactly a secret, it’s just that not many people know all the above things about me. They aren’t close enough to know, or they don’t really care. Be it as it may, there are only a precious few who know about my sacred achievements. Many of my ‘friends’ don’t know I wrote a book on tarot – or that I read tarot, for that matter. Many of them have no idea about my spiritual and magical practices, and it is a good thing. Because the most important, useful and sacred knowledge I gained from the tarot, is to set firm boundaries, and to pick my fights wisely.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot

I am, I was, and I always will be a High Priestess. A keeper of sacred knowledge, who shares it only with those who ask.

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This year’s Hungarian folk art inspired pumpkin (by me).

4 thoughts on “Sacred Knowledge – Samhain Tarot Blog Hop 2021

  1. Ooh, I love this post. People assuming that I have nothing to do are one of my pet peeves. It’s not just that I have many things to do. It’s not just the weirdness of their assumption that I don’t have to earn a living like other people (my kids are adults now, but I am working at home doing freelance work and occasionally tarot). It’s also that I feel like they are assuming that I’m shallow, or that they’re assuming that the only thoughts I could possibly have in my head are the ones other people put there. What if…I had my own interests? Anyway I just love this post.

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  2. Just as Bonnie said above, I love your honesty. A blog is a place, the exact place, for that kind of thing. Yes, I do find that assumptions are the biggest peeve of all. You are amazing, talented, and busy. Keeping being awesome ❤ Thank you for being apart of this turn 🙂

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