Springing into action – Spring Equinox Tarot Blog Hop 2019


This time Jay and Sharon, our Wranglers have provided us with two topics. 1: to tell which card represents us the most; 2: to create a recipe using the tarot.

Now, I have already did the second one in another blog hop, so the other option provided more appeal. But then, I don’t want to bore you, dear reader, to XIII with my  praising myself and explaining why I must be the HP. Or the Empress. Or Strength. Or whatever. I would obviously choose a “good” card and you’d have to listen to me being not very humble. Na-ah, not gonna happen.

Still, to stay within the given topic of the hop, I needed to talk about myself in tarot terms, and so I have put a little twist on it: pick a card you wouldn’t want as a significator and look for a meaning you’d be comfortable with, should that card come up in a reading as you.

Dang that’s hard.

Now, I do love the darker side of the tarot – my favourite card is actually Death. I’m not afraid of a Tower month or a Hanged Man year, oh no (by the way these are the cards I got for March and for 2019 respectively). I readily admit my faults and wouldn’t be surprised if the 7 of Swords popped up to describe me. My problem cards are the fluffy ones that are too good to be true, and the card that makes me groan is the Ten of Cups.

Why, I hear you ask?

People expecting the Happily Ever After of fairy tales and breaking up with their pretty decent partners because they had a fight. Groan.

People acting like nothing’s wrong and they have a perfect family life when both partners are unhappy and/or are cheating on each other – more or less secretly. Groan.

People staying together because of the kids only, inevitably teaching the little ones that there is no such thing as a happy marriage. Groan.

Such nonsense makes me doubt whether the 10 of Cups really has a happy meaning or is it in fact one of the darkest cards of the deck. I dread it popping up in my life. It is overflowing, over the top, excessive, and has nowhere to grow further. (Like my list of synonyms for “too much”.)

Maybe it’s just my Marseille-background-brain. Maybe I have just heard too many of such stories connected to this card. Maybe I just never saw the picture perfect family of the lore. Whatever it is, I need to think hard if I want to be ready to embrace the Ten of Cups. Again, groan.

Like your normal tarot reader who also has some creativity in them, I went on to create a few versions of the 10 of Cups to connect to its concept better. Hold on to your socks, enlightenment is on the way!

“Married… with Children” was one of the few sitcoms that have been aired in Hungary on channels even I had access to (my mom was against cable tv, preferring us to get out of the house and play in the garden). I loved “Married… with Children”. It was hilarious. It was real. And even though Al and Peggy picked on each other and bickered all the time, at the end of the day, they did love each other and their kids. And that love kept them together and made their family more functional than some of the relationships I see in normal life. This is called unconditional love: loving your husband with his stinking feet and his constant complaining; loving your wife with her constant taunting and her cigarettes. I feel a facebook motivational quote coming up!

Huh, not bad! This hop prompt has led to a very enlightening moment regarding some situations in my life. Maybe the Ten of Cups isn’t such a bad card after all. I can relate to this kind of interpretation: “happily tolerating each other ever after”. Thank you, Jay and Sharron!

I’m off to look for some more good background images for my “beautiful” quote, so hop on! Happy Lent and Easter and Equinox and Almost-Weekend, and whatever you celebrate! And don’t forget to look up if you have a clear sky tonight for the super-worm-moon! (Disappointing name, awesome sight! Just like Marcy’s second husband. Right, Mrs Marcy D’arcy?)


20 thoughts on “Springing into action – Spring Equinox Tarot Blog Hop 2019

  1. Married With Children is the perfect 10 of Cups family! The most identifiable sit-com family for me growing up was Roseanne. The 10 of Cups does not always represent peaches and cream family life to me either, in a reading, I’m surprised by how often it represents someone really feeling drained of energy (giving too much of their own energy away to family or friends leaving them feeling depleted).

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    1. They are surreally real, aren’t they, the Bundies! I am so happy I am not alone with this! I have never seen Roseanne (lack of cable tv), but I am curious now as after googling it I found out it had George Clooney as a recurring character!! Hmmmm!! ❤

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  2. I have a hard time with these two 10s as well. They DO seem over the top. Maybe as over the top in their own way as the 10 of Swords. Thanks for this reflection; I’m going to be thinking about these 10s for a while… 🙂


    1. Ach, the drama queen of tarot. 10 of Swords always gets an eye-roll or two when it describes a person. 😀 The tens are a really interesting bunch, I’m happy you liked my musings. And thank you for inspiring me to reflect on the rest of the tens!

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  3. I love this interpretation of the 10 of cups and how your view of it evolved. There are some “happy” cards that I also have a problem with so it is nice to know that I’m not the only one.

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  4. OMG I so adore you for calling out the 10 of Cups! It seems like everyone is looking for the happily ever after card and not willing to do the sometimes hard and messy work to get that result. And Married with Children was one of my favorite shows growing up for exactly the reasons you stated: because of the realness.


    1. I always seem to find myself in the middle of the hard and messy work, and sometimes worry that I just see thing the way I do because I’m jealous of other’s happiness! XD I’m so glad you liked it!


  5. This is brilliant and I love the Married with Children connection to the Ten of Cups, I just picture Al as one of the Kings.

    Thank you so much for hopping with us this cycle, greatly appreciated 🙂


    1. King of Coins, of course! Peggy and both the kids looted him whenever they could, the poor guy! 😀

      Thank you and Sharron and Arwen for having me! I really should hop more, it’s always great fun!


  6. I love your self-imposed topic! When I first read Jay and Sharron’s topic, I remembered a time when I asked the cards how others saw me in my business. I drew the Devil! Of course, I always consider the Devil to be a positive business card because it’s Capricorn and so is very professional with big ambitions. But I mentioned it to my students and one said that the Devil is addictions, and my classes are addicting! I was quite happy with that interpretation!


  7. I’m not familiar with that sitcom so can’t comment on that, but I’m totally with you on disliking some of the fluffier cards. My particular “I wouldn’t want to be her” card is the Queen of Cups, or the Moping Haddock as I like to think of her. Overtly emotional people tend to make me uncomfortable, whether they are gushing or moping.
    That said, I quite like the 10 of Cups and I don’t think of it as too good to be true facade, rather as a perfect moment. You know, when the kids are playing nicely (and quietly) rather than fighting and screaming, for a change; when the torrential downpour has moved on leaving a glorious rainbow and the birds are singing; when neither of you are nagging the other about boring stuff that needs to be done; a moment when it just feels good to be alive. That! 😀

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    1. Yes! A quiet Saturday afternoon in Summer, when there’s no homework, no work to do, just you and your loved ones… aaaah… ❤

      My problem isn’t actually with the card itself but with readers who assume this five minutes before the kids start fighting and everything goes back to routine, lasts forever. 😉


      1. LOL Yes, it can be a bit “and they lived happily ever after with rainbows and unicorns”, but I think that’s probably down to the kind of readers that remove the Death and 10 of Swords cards from the deck 😀

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