2017 Samhain Tarot Blog Hop – Ancestors

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Ah, the ancestor thing again. I am in a little bit of a pickle here, thanks to our wrangler Jay Cassels.

You see, my family never venerated our ancestors. After my maternal grandmother died, my mom used to go every 1 November to the cemetery and spend a few moments at her mother’s grave. But never visited anyone else’s – well, her brother’s after he died. I doubt she knows where her grandparents are buried and she had a rocky relationship with her father so there’s no chance of her going to his grave (I never even knew him, so you can imagine).

The only person in my family who loves going to graveyards is my other grandmother. She says she finds peace there. I find this both strange and beautiful. Although if you think about it, that’s where you are laid to eternal rest…

Back to the topic, in my family we don’t do this lineage thing and ancestors and whatnot. I have no idea what my great-grandfather’s name was. Also, I firmly believe in reincarnation, so I have trouble finding much importance in my current family tree when I have had so many others already. To cut it short, when I have seen the topic of this hop, I got nervous. I know that for my blog neighbour Benebell Wen her ancestors are really important (I adore her knowledge and connection to the craft, she is fantastic!) and that for many ‘pagans’ it is the same… so I feel as out of place as a lamb at the Annual Carnivore Conference.

I asked the cards how could I avoid totally losing face and having to withdraw half day before the hop. I got from the Goddess Inspiration Oracle, Mut; the mother of mothers. Very apt, thank you cards.

So then I asked my trusty old Egyptian Tarot (Mut is the *Egyptian* goddess of motherhood) what can I learn from my mother and my grandmothers. Here be the reading…

1. What can I learn from the matriarchs?

2. In what should I follow their example?

3. Where should I avoid following their example?

1. Ten of Pentacles, Judgement, Death

I can learn from them how to stay whole, and how to keep the family together. I can learn how to resurrect myself from my own ashes and continue on. How to cut away what is not healthy anymore and how to change with times.

2. Justice, King of Pentacles, Page of Cups

I should follow their example in giving myself justice, and judging others righteously. Giving everyone what they deserve. To be self dependent and unshakable. To show my feelings to those who deserve it, and protect myself and mine from outsiders.

3. Queen of Cups, Ten of Cups, Three of Wands

I should avoid being too emotional and emotionally dependent on others. I shouldn’t look for The Perfect Family because it is nonexistent. And I shouldn’t try to be ‘creative’ (dishonest) when dealing with mine. I need to be direct and honest, and tell when I don’t like something.

A lot to think about, Thank you Jay! Now hop on to Benebell on the right or to Joanne on the left, or if you like it random, click one link on the master list! Happy Halloween! Here’s my Thoth pumpkin I carved today. Because of the pumpkin’s curves it is not very visible but I am so proud of it, I had to show it off, hahaha!

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20 thoughts on “2017 Samhain Tarot Blog Hop – Ancestors

  1. Fascinating, I honour the ancestors of the land as well as of my family. I sort of group them together in a wonderfully wyrd fashion. Mind you that said, our family is interesting at the best of times.

    Your post is lovely and the deck really awesome to look at, thanks for this 🙂

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  2. “I firmly believe in reincarnation, so I have trouble finding much importance in my current family tree when I have had so many others already.” That’s such an amazing perspective… Thank you for helping me see this in such a different light!

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  3. Whoa! I am loving this tarot deck you’ve featured!

    I love that you took the theme for this bloghop in the direction of consulting ancestors and in doing so, got some incredible insights that not only pertain to you, but speak to many of us as well. Thank you for sharing! Love this!

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    1. Thanks Benebell! I love this deck so much, it really is wonderful!

      There’s so much advice in these cards on the personal level, I could go on and on… I see how my mothers messed up their lives in them cards, and that is so empowering. Many times we follow suit without realising it, and I was making the same mistakes my mom and granny made. Ridiculous. 😀

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  4. Thoth pumpkin is masterful, Kati. And your ancestors. Oh my goodness,the heritage you possess being from Hungary, from people more ancient than the Indo-Europeans, including most of the people of India. Definitely a cool idea to go exploring on where you cam from. 🙂

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    1. Did you know we came from the star Sirius? 🙂 That is why we have no ‘relatives’. At least some Hungarians believe so. Cool idea, I might ask the cards about it! (I know we are supposed to be related to Finno-Ugric languages but tbh even our linguists doubt it, let alone us common mortals lol)

      We are a rather interesting people… I am proud (and sometimes ashamed) to be Hungarian, and LOVE our heritage. I just find it difficult to connect with ancestors of any sort. Maybe as I get older and hopefully wiser I will find the way. I absolutely hope so. 🙂


      1. Yeah, that Sirius thing is actually expanded to much if not all of humanity in the New Age books I’ve read. I can see why Hungarians may feel in a special space because of their unique language and history apart from the Indo-Europeans. Interesting that there is some doubt about the Finno-Ugric connection. Things have changed since I took historical linguistics in the 1970s, it seems.

        Maybe those folks near Sirius will drop by sometime and fill us in on the true story!


      2. Oh is it? Then we are related after all! 😀

        The doubt in Finno-Ugric relations is not official. Or rather, not allowed to be official. My husband used to work for the University of Hungarian Linguistics, and people who work there, researchers told him that they don’t believe in this connection, but research is only funded to this direction. Some of them have done research from their own money, and found relations in Sumerian and even Aryan Indian languages. But hey, Finland is so much closer than India, and nowadays the Middle East is not a popular place…

        The lack of research funding has given rise to so many conspiration theories, it is amazing! Whereas it’s probably only about our government not giving a fig about linguistics.

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