Centenary of the Russian October Revolution and the 1917 Tarot

I have meant to write this post since the beginning of the project, but alas, something was always more urgent. But, you have time for what you make time for.

And as we know time goes by so quickly you don’t even realise! On the 7th November (25 October in the Julian calendar Russia used that time) 1917 a signal was sent from the ship Aurora, that would change world history forever. On that day, monarchy ended in Russia and gave its place to Lenin and the Bolshevik.

To commemorate this event Silhouette Publishing has came up with the idea of creating a not for profit, collaborative deck. Natalia Plakhina, Vladimir Sitnikov and Elena Udina have successfully herded their cats, and voila, the deck is in its final stages of creation and available to preorder!

Big shots who gave their name and artwork for the project include Ciro Marchetti, Robert Place, Alexander Daniloff, Oswaldo Menegazzi, just to name a few.

And among the smaller contributors you can find, well, me. 🙂 Here I would like to thank all the gods for TABI, social media and Ciro Marchetti’s choice of card! Ciro, thank you for choosing Rasputin! If it wasn’t for that post you wrote in TABI’s FB group, I would never have found this project!

And now, I’d like to show you my cards. These are the images I have sent in. They don’t have a border yet, they aren’t the finished product. But I am so very proud of them, I just can’t express it in words, haha! So much for trying to look modest.

Here I present my submissions for the 1917 Tarot!

My Emperor. Nicholas II’s icon. Did you know he was canonised? 🙂

The Two of Stars (Coins). You’d never guess I am a Marseille Tarot lover. 😉

My Five of Flags (Cups). I have a soft spot for Nicholas II… 🙂

The Six of Hammer and Sickle (Wands). Gagarin’s space flight was just 21 days before America’s Alan Shepherd’s!! He does look vexed, but then America beat Russia to the Moon. 1-1!

Two more cards were proposed by me, but they had to go through a little transformation before they could be added to the deck. One was the Page of Flags and the other the Three of Flags (Cups). I’d rather not embarrass myself with showing the originals, lol. You’ll see what came out of it when you buy the deck here: http://www.1917tarot.com! 😀

I am so, so grateful for this project! It has been an amazing inner journey, a great experience with art, and the start of some extremely strong friendships. Natalia, Elena, Vladimir… thank you! ❤

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