A chat to Rasputin

After my previous post I wanted to know what I would have thought about Rasputin, had I known him in his life. Out with the cards!
1. What would I have thought of him had I been one of the villagers of Pokrovskoye? – Queen of Wands, 9 of Cups

2. What would I have thought of him had I been in St Petersburgh? – Four and Ten of Pentacles

3. What would I think of him now if we talked? – Judgement, Slave (Page) of Wands

A reading on Rasputin
If I’d met him in Pokrovskoje, I would have been secretly attracted to him but would have denied it fervently if asked. It wouldn’t have been proper. And anyway, he was so weird! 🙂
In St Petersburgh I would have been openly attracted to him, lol. Probably mostly physically, although his magic would have been intriguing too! 
And if we talked now, I’d be digging for long buried answers for  long dead questions.
The whole time I have felt his presence behind me. It wasn’t manacing, it felt more like he was interested in what I was doing. Then I have asked him through the cards whether he would mind if I called him Grigorij. For a second the thought of him saying “yeah, call me Grishka” flashed through my mind. At that exact same second the Fool jumped out of the deck. I was laughing so hard! 😀 He must be thinking I’m total bonkers – I am, actually. No hard feelings.

A chat to Rasputin
So after the ice broke I have asked him if he wanted to talk. Seven of Swords – yes, he’s ok. Then Strength jumped out while shuffling:

“I won’t bite” he said.

“Would you consider teaching me?”

It depends. I want to get to know you first to see if you are serious.” – Justice

“What could you teach me?”

Self confidence, emotional and psychic stability. The ability to not give a damn about what others might think. Death, change, transformation, and how the other side works. I could teach you how to handle ghosts.” – Eight of Cups, reversed Three of Swords, Death.
And that’s when it dawned on me. For some time now I have been thinking of reopening my eyes to the spirit world. I have shut down this ability a long time ago because I didn’t want ghosts to appear out of nowhere and disturb me in my ‘adult life’ eg work or bringing up kids. Lately I feel the calling. I feel to see again. But at the same time I had to admit myself that I am frikkin’ scared of ghosts. Then along came Rasputin and asked: 

What exactly is the difference between me and other ghosts?

“OMG Grigorij, YOU ARE A GHOST!!” 

Well done girl...” 
Yes I know what you are thinking. This degree of daftness needs a special talent to manage. But I finally realised that if I can talk to him without soiling my pants, then why couldn’t I do the same with any other common ghost! 
Good for you Kati!
Lesson one, ‘Death’ started, I guess! 😀

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