Relationship heath checkup

Staying up with a teething baby who caught a cold can make you become many things, from a psychopath to the epitome of motherly love. The choice, as always, is yours. I chose to sit with baby on the sofa and write a long awaited new post.

Baby’s situation has made me think of my health and how important it is to keep it. Then about the health of relationships in general. It is so easy to overlook the little telltale signs of deterioration! The following spread can be used as a tool for pointing out possible problems and heal them before it’s too late.

The relationship health check spread

1: What do I need to know about my relationship with Xy right now?

2: What is it that we are doing well and should continue doing?

3: What should we change to improve our relationship?

4: What do I need to change in myself to improve our relationship?

5: What do I expect the other person to change in themself?

6: What do I have to know about this expectation?

7: Outcome if we follow the card’s advice.

Let’s see this reading done for my son (4) and myself!
1. 2 of Pentacles. We have a balanced relationship right now. I feel I need to keep a balance between the boys, tarot and household, and looking at this card, I think I am managing well.
2. Wheel of Fortune. We are adapting to changes well. At this age, my son goes through a lot of changes in every aspect of life. We are keeping up and don’t stop learning and playing.
3. Page of Wands. The thing we have to change is the will to control each other. Shouting. Also, we need to bring curiosity and learning, and a little more adventure. Well, his little brother is growing up too (10 months), so now we can do a lot more things together. They love to play with each other, so there you go!
4. 8 of Cups. I need to say bye to things that aren’t working anymore. To the cute little toddler he was, who did anything I said and never said no. To writing my novel and to attending workshops and courses. I will come back to them when the kids are older. But right now I have to step back and do what is really important.
5: 2 of Swords. I want him to do what I say when I say it. This of course bumps into a revolt, and ultimately ends up with me shouting and Son crying or seething in a corner, throwing stuff on the floor. I want him to stop this and do what he is told to immediately.
6: Queen of Wands. With proper discipline and a different approach it could probably work, but the way I do it is hopeless. Well. Time to stop the screaming then. Note that the thing we have to change is the Page of Wands. Yepp, until I don’t cange that, this part will not work out as I want it to. Also, I think we need less fire energy. 
7: King of Cups. A loving, caring relationship where we can listen to each other and cooperate, and not dominate the other. That will be awesome! Pulling some more cards right now and making a plan how to achieve it!
If you would like your reading done with this spread, write me on katalin.patnaik(at) for a quick quote!
Thank you for reading, have a beautiful day!

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