I was planning to try tea reading for a very long time, and today morning I finally had the time to do it. Let’s see what came out of it.

Sorry for the crumbs at the bottom, lol. We are facing the handle’s side.

Here I can see a sickle, a lot of little lines and a 9. I should mention that I don’t know much about reading tea. I have watched a few videos, that’s all.

Sickle: it tells me it’s time to harvest the fruits of my hard work. Today is our fifth wedding anniversary (!) so it is kind of apt.

Little lines at top: life’s little pleasures. With two little children my life is full of these. πŸ™‚

9: ??? This is actually left of the handle so I will do it later.
Here I see a mountain: I interpret this as difficulties coming. I also notice that the climb will be much harder than the descent.

Above the mountain the little lines are smudged. Who has time or energy to concentrate on happyness when one has troubles, right?

I predict it to happen in spring or sooner. 
Here i see a crooked nose and an L.

Nose: ( i have googled this one) indicates a wayward and untrustworthy character.

L: might be the starting letter of that person’s name.

I time this to late spring/summer to happen.
Here I see a tree, and the aforementioned 9 should be there too but you can’t see it from the black line. πŸ˜›

Tree: family, friends… I think this means that after the mountain and that untrustworth person our family will become strong again. I’d put it to next Autumn.

9 might mean the ninth month, September which is in Autumn. πŸ™‚
I have no idea how I came to the thought of spring and autumn. Or anything else for that matter. It’s just my associations for what I see in an empty cup of tea. The seasons I have timed by dividing the cup to four sides for the four seasons. But how this idea came and why… No clue.
I have checked my pictures on readingtealeaves.info and I’ve got very different results:
SICKLE, A sign that you will experience sorrow and pain through the callous behavior of someone you love. 

LINES OF DOTS, These indicate journeys and their probable length and direction; to be read in connection with other signs of movement; wavy lines mean tiresome journeys or difficulties likely to be encountered; if the lines ascend sharply to the brim of the cup, a journey to a hilly country will be taken.

MOUNTAIN, powerful friends; many mountains, equally powerful enemies.
MOUNTAIN, This gives promise of the realization of a great ambition and of the influence of powerful friends; many mountains indicate obstructions and sometimes powerful enemies in your career. 

TREES, a lucky sign; a sure indication of prosperity and happiness; surrounded by dots, a fortune in the country.
Well. We will see. πŸ™‚ I’m pleased that i could see anything at all, if something comes true that will be the cherry on top. πŸ˜€ I hope there will be no inheritance in countryside kind of things though.

NOSE, A large nose denotes dissipation; a crooked one shows a wayward and untrustworthy character; a long, thin nose implies that you change your ideas on various subjects and alter your mode of life in accordance with your new ideas. 

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