The fantastic Marc Bestgen’s amazing Tower

tower by marc bestgen

It is amazing what can happen when you post your thoughts and someone comments on it. This time I have discovered a new deck in the state of creation! Marc Bestgen is on the journey to create his own, absolutely stunning tarot deck. On the cards are nonfigurative digital images that are fantastic for journeying into or meditating on. Each and every one of them are showing tremendous care and love put in their making, and of course great talent from Marc’s side!

The picture above is the Tower. Usually not my favorite card from any deck, as it is always the same old building falling down. Not in this deck though! As soon as I have seen it I fell in love. This is something new! This is the Tower FROM THE INSIDE! It is so exciting and living, moving… it is in fire!

Looking at it brought so many new interpretations and thoughts about number XVI. Just for one example, I have never before thought of it as a girl loosing her virginity. I hope I don’t have to illustrate how this picture came about, that with the throbbing, red tunnel cris-crossed with veins…

I really like the other cards too, but this is something fantastic! I very much recommend everyone who loves Tarot and who likes this kind of art to follow Marc’s work, and if he succeeds in publishing his deck, then buy one off him! (In case you wondered: I don’t get paid for this post, I really think his cards are super and they deserve to be noticed. :))

One note to Marc: I hope you will print them on nice, thick cardboard, because I don’t like the nowadays trending plastic feel on cards. Plastic ones are screeching where they should be whispering into the reader’s ears… Just my thought tho, for what it’s worth. 😀

4 thoughts on “The fantastic Marc Bestgen’s amazing Tower

  1. Hello Katalin! Your words are beautiful , I don’t know what to say! In life I do not speak much maybe the reason I write a blog and draw, so now I’m totally in and full of pure joy! Thank you so much, it makes me smile like a kid. And you write beautifully. Yes I will print it if I continue on the idea and therefore am reading twice about the plastic card noise it seems so important now and not being a specialist I must choose well. If you blog more about this someday (card quality) I would read and follow your advices! Thank you so much !!!! Marc

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  2. The idea of the tower from the inside is genius! Especially because the querent feels like they are “inside” the tower and everything is crumbling down, and there is no exit … I am excited about seeing the other cards and how they interact with the Tower card.


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