The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus – Journey into the Magician

I have recently got hold of  The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus – thank you, Carla. It’s a deck created by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan based on Nostradamus’ drawings and couplets. Well, we all know how accurate he was in his predictions, so I thought this will be a deck best used for proper old school fortune telling. However,  the cards are so strange and unlike any deck I have seen so far that I have difficulties in deciding for what purpose I should use it – if at all.

IMG_1734After the great results of my first go at tarot journeying, I have decided to step into this deck’s Magician, and ask him how I could use them cards, what kind of deck this is.

Before I could even close my eyes and visualize myself stepping through the border, the Magiciam – I suppose it’s the great fortune teller himself in a kind of dragon shape – threw this little poem at me:

“Sitting on the Sun, collecting stars,

A crown on my head, a sword in my arse.”

And I’m like… WTF?!

Then I notice the sword in the down-right corner of the drawing. Ouch.

After the shock I can step in and greet the creature. Everything is moving, like a clockwork of a strange machine. He looks at me, smiles and winks, then asks me why I have come. I tell him my question: how should I use this deck?

“Do you feel drawn to us?” he asks.

“In a strange way, yes.”

“Then you will find a suitable job for us. It will not be easy though. You have to get a sense how I have worked in my life and how this deck works. You have to study us.”

“That will take some time. The suits are really strange and the drawings are of not much help.”- he rolls his eyes and looks a bit annoyed and resentful.

“Everything is my wife’s fault. She insisted I let my son do the drawing. That chap was not exactly a Leonardo as you can see…”

“Oh. Sorry… Wives can be really unreasonable at times. Are you a dragon?”

“I was supposed to be. Because of the transformational powers of these creatures. I turned out like a very sick and annoyed swan.”

“What do the stars symbolise?”

“Desires. The ones in my tail are those I have overcome. The ones above are those I need to overcome yet. Also they are symbols of the materials of creation I have in my power as the magician.”

” I like the idea. We are made of star stuff. Did you know this back then?”

“Saying so would have taken me straight to the gallows or worse.”

“I still don’t know what kind of questions I will use this deck.”

“When you need a different viewpoint you can use us. Give importance to the images along with the meanings given in the book. The paintings will give you clues if you let your mind enter them. Use us for yourself for some time and leave plenty of time for each reading.”

“Thank you! I feel a little bit closer to you now.”
We bid farewell and I return home to reality.

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