Happy Diwali, Rememberance and Veterans Day!

IMG_1804As I listen to the sounds of fireworks and crackers exploding outside, I smile to myself how appropriate it is that this year Diwali and Remembrance Day are on the same date. Diwali is the festival of light, victory of good over evil, and also the time you invite your ancestors to come and spend some time with you. You burn candles to show them the way home, make food for them and offer new clothes (although you don’t dig them up and make them wear it, unlike people in Indonesia do…).
FullSizeRenderThen you go and burn a small fortune of crackers and various exploding things. The sound that comes from these reminds me of gunfire. Not that I was near any war in this life, but this is exactly how I imagine it would sound like… I feel for the soldiers coming home from the front, possibly battling post-traumatic disorder just to hear all these booming again.

This is how my brain made the connection between the two celebrations. Remembering the dead and making things go boom. It is so horrible to think that some people have to listen to such sounds and fear for their lives while we sit here and enjoy the pretty flowers in the sky. I don’t understand how is it not possible to live in peace with each other! Ok I do get it in the materialistic sense but I really can’t understand how some people can be so lost that they need to war with others for whatever reason.
Anyway, let’s get back to what I was about to write. I have got the Sacred India Tarot for some time now but I still haven’t used it. I feel this is the time to start doing so, and therefore, for honoring Diwali and Veterans and Remembrance Day, I have created a spread to help us defeat our inner evil and thus stop the fighting. It is in the shape of an Indian oil lamp (diya).

FullSizeRender(1)Card one: Raavan – what is my ‘evil’ aspect that needs defeating? – 8 of Wands

Card two: Ram – what is the quality I have that will help defeating Raavan? – 2 of Wands

Card three: Hanuman – who or what can help me in my quest? – 5 of Pentacles

Card four: Sita – what sacrifices do I have to make in order to succeed? – Temperance

Card five: the lamps – what can I achieve by defeating my Raavan? – Justice

Oh-kaaaaay… that’s a lot to contemplate, I can’t say I completely understand what the cards mean at the first glance. Let’s see it card-by-card.

FullSizeRender(2)Raavan: 8 of Wands. I think this means I jump to decisions too quickly, without even trying to see the other side of the matter. It is quite typical for me to instantly like or dislike a person without even knowing them. Most of the times I am right about it, but I have been wrong too. One of my best friends could have been a complete stranger if I wouldn’t had to give her a chance because of a school project. Another thing this card reminds me about is how quickly I jump into something, with a lot of enthusiasm and then I don’t see it through. It’s a very annoying personality treat and I really want to get rid of it. I think this could be my Raavan.

FullSizeRender(4)Ram: 2 of Wands. Crossing the ocean between India and Sri Lanka was a feat of wonder (in Ramayan Lord Ram had to cross the ocean but he didn’t have ships, so he has built a bridge with stones that floated on water when they had his name written on them). This card tells me I can defeat my Raavan by inventing new ways of doing and looking at things. I have enough willpower, I just have to be reminded of my goals and that it gives great satisfaction to complete the things I start. Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge by a good friend. I also need to look for bridges between myself and others in terms of communication and making impressions.

FullSizeRender(3)Hanuman: 5 of Pentacles. This was the hardest card to interpret. Maybe you will see it’s meaning straight away but honestly I didn’t. How could starving help anyone? Then after much humming and head scratching I came up with this: in order to truly appreciate my achievements I need to stop depending on others, and do things on my own. That would also mean to go back to work (I’m staying at home with my newborn so that’s not an option for some time yet) and earn the money I want to spend. If I want something done I should not wait until my husband finally has time to do it, I need to get into action and get on with it. By this I mean things like shopping or registering baby with the GP – these things would be easier for him to do because he drives, but if I wait for him it will never happen…

FullSizeRender(6)Sita: Temperance. I need to stop adjusting to everyone and start to speak my mind. I hate confrontation and any tension makes me want to sit in a corner and cry. But this doesn’t help anyone, certainly not me, so I need to dump this idea of “it’s ok, let’s wait a little more” and wreck havoc if I don’t have my way. Also I need to defend my point. Most of the time I lose an argument because in the heat of the fight I just can’t articulate my point of view. The words get confused in my head and it suddenly goes blank. Ah, it’s so irritating and humiliating when I know I am right but I can’t explain why…

FullSizeRender(5)Lamps: Justice. If I can defeat my Raavan I can get what I deserve, and give others justice as well. I will be able to give reasons for whatever I do and articulate it well, I will be able to justify myself. That would mean I would gain a heck of a lot of self confidence, which indeed is much needed here. I also could tell right from wrong; I mentioned my prejudice for some people – that would be overpowered by the thought of giving everyone equal chances. Who knows what I miss by going with my first impression?

3 thoughts on “Happy Diwali, Rememberance and Veterans Day!

  1. In your Hanuman position, I see spiritual assistance, and meditation. I sometimes have the problem of forgetting what I wanted to say in the heat of the moment, too. I find meditating on it, imagining the conversation ahead of time, can help with that, bringing me greater clarity. And meditating on a decision before jumping into a choice can also be good, combatting that 8 of Wands. Just a thought 🙂

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    1. Great idea Chloe! Most of the time our arguments pop up like a jack-in-a-box, but if I know something is brewing I am trying to figure out what to say well in advance. 🙂 great idea to connect the 5 of Pentacles to meditation! Thank you!


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