The Magus

This is how I have first seen the Magus. To tell you the truth, it is very difficult to like him in any other illustration. This one is my sweetheart.
This is the first entry to my blog so it is just fitting that my guest of honor is the Magus. As the first card in most tarot decks, he is the first thing you see when you open a box of cards. I will not bore you with his meaning, you can Google that, or you already know it. I will tell you what he means to me, and how I met him.

In primary school I had a Gypsy classmate, who once brought in a pack of fortune telling cards. She was showing it to us and giving readings. I was about 8. I was fascinated. I wanted to do the same. I wanted to use those cards. I wanted to do magic!

As I was a shy child, I haven’t told anyone about my new-found passion. My parents probably would have bought me a deck if I asked them to, but I was convinced that this is something illegal, or that only and only Gypsies were allowed to use it, and the shopkeeper would chase me out of his store if I happened to ask for these cards.

Time went by and I started high school. I was about 15 when I mustered the courage and saved up my pocket money to buy my first tarot deck. The shopkeeper didn’t throw me out, although he must have been wondering why am I so sweaty and acting so nervous… But I finally got it! It was the Egyptian Tarot by Stuart R. Kaplan. Sepia colored, ancient Egyptian theme, marseille type pips… I was in love. I am in love. They are still my favorite deck, and the only one I use for professional readings. I opened the box and that is when I met the Magus. He is magic… He is knowledge…

He is trouble.

The first thing anyone new to tarot will think is: how on earth will I memorize all these? 78 cards, with 78 different meanings. Have I mentioned they are the marseille type, meaning there are no illustrations whatsoever on the minor arcana? I mean, for the Four of Scepters you get four scepters. And that is it. No indication of the meaning. At all. Oh goodness.

Another hardship I had to face was the language. The instruction booklet was in English. As a Hungarian teenager, I didn’t speak English very well, let alone understanding words like ‘dissipated’ or ‘obstacle’. This meant the dictionary was constantly open at the strangest words possible. Quite a challenge, for poor young me, trying to work out what the hell the author meant. How I wished I had internet! (we are talking 2003-ish, it still wasn’t a standard thing. Not in my family anyway.)

But I haven’t given up. First time in my life I did preserve. I mean… ice skating classes? I gave up after a week. Swimming competitions? Gave up after a few silvers. Volleyball? Singing? Dancing? Gave up, gave up… Gave. Up. But tarot? Hell no, they are haunting me! If while shuffling them my attention wanders off, a card will immediately jump out to tell me I will not get anywhere if I don’t concentrate. They have their own mind. They can read my mind!

Since then I memorized them somehow, performed hundreds of readings, face to face and in emails. I have started a group and a Public figure site on Facebook, made a website and I am building my business as a professional tarot reader. I feel happy when my clients come back and say everything turned out as I told them it will, or that I gave them strength and hope to go on in life. All this thanks to that guy standing in front of his table, lifting his wand up…

He is the newest member of the family. I got this beautiful Turkish deck from a friend who is by the way amazing in reading coffee!
He is the newest member of the family. I got this beautiful Turkish deck from a friend who is by the way amazing in reading coffee!

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